07, SMG super Betfair index hot and cold about Pauli points superrecovery

07, SMG super Betfair index: hot and cold about Pauli spdex super SMG index 001 points Wuerzburg kickers (main) V FC St. Pauli twelfth round of the November 8th. Wuerzburg kicker home court against St. Pauli, because the home team is promoted, so there is no record. The last 10 rounds of the tournament 5 wins 2 flat 3 negative, the last round 1-3 defeat in Hannover 96 consecutive 3 round victories. The last 10 rounds of the tournament have achieved 1 wins 4 flat 5 negative is not ideal, the last round of home court 1-1 draw with Nuremberg 9 consecutive rounds without a victory. Super network index showed that 88-7-4 index in early trading – become the main battlefield of capital. Betfair standard disc deal in more than 780 thousand spot may exceed two million. Because of his early is the main battlefield of the capital, profit and loss simulation have been over 99-101 warning line. Hot and cold index draws in the slowly close to the main victory. Kelly variance 3-9-11 tie and win was not opened. The main victory is by the amount in the proportion of 93% under the price has remained at 2.16-2.20 will make people feel strange in the morning. As to the spot and found in the simulation or above the warning line, and index the main victory and not opened. The visitors are expected to get. SMG recommended: first flat flat time win the election goal SMG recommended: 2 ball 3 ball spdex super index SMG 002 lens (main) V Ajaccio B fourteenth round 3:30 on November 8th, Langsi home court against Ajaccio. Two teams nearly 4 games, the home team to win 2 games, draw 2 games, losing 0 Games, winning 50% win rate: disc: 50% ball rate: 25% the dominant. The last 10 rounds of the tournament 4 wins 5 flat 1 negative results, the last round of the 2-1 away victory over the end of the 2 round of Brest would decline. The last 10 rounds of the tournament had 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 negative results, the last round of home court 1-3 against Lavalle suffered 2 defeats the miserable situation. Super net index index shows that the 30-54-16 draw will prevail, the spot should be found is the main battlefield of the capital. Early Betfair standard disc were only more than 60 thousand. Look at the hot and cold index found peace Bureau didn’t pull off early. Kelly 6-9-84 has been removed from the guest variance. Because in early trading volume is too small, from now on only the main victory and most likely play. The track on the lens advantage, while visiting nearly 8 and lost 6 field away victorious war bad, the LORD opened plate for half a plate of concessions, with the two recent state gap lens is expected to in an invincible position. SMG recommended: first – time flat Xuanping SMG recommended: 1 scored 2 balls for super spdex Author: more than two fat index in early trading reminder, because not to deal the peak, more details please pay attention to the spot data, such as on larger variables may affect the results of the forecast. SPdex super index official production, more content to view WeChat spdex2012相关的主题文章:

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