24, graduate in 2017 forecast a 39 increase over last year universities-vstart

24 days since 2017, the name of the postgraduate entrance examination has increased by 39 colleges and universities last year. The original title: from to 2017, the postgraduate entrance examination forecast began in September 24th, and the postgraduate entrance examination began in 2017. Compared with this year, next year a separate entrance examination unit shall according to the research unit, industry and regional qualifying examination alone students range, can not set up other discriminatory conditions. The state will continue to arrange 5000 "retired college student soldiers" special plan, enrollment colleges and universities increased by 39 than last year. Including online registration and on-site confirmation in two stages, all participate in the postgraduate entrance examination candidates are required to register online, from September 24th to September 27th 9 pm to 22 pm every day for online prediction period, October 10th to October 31st, every 9 to 22 hours for online registration, overdue no longer bubao, and shall not modify the registration information. In 2017, the first test was written test, from December 24th to December 25th this year, more than 3 hours of examination subjects were carried out in December 26th. Daqing evening news reporter Yuan Liping

24日起2017年考研预报名 较去年增加39所高校   原标题:24日起2017年考研预报名   9月24日起,2017年考研预报名开始。与今年相比,明年研招单独考试招生单位不得按单位、行业、地域等限定单独考试生源范围,也不得设置其他歧视性条件。国家将继续安排5000名“退役大学生士兵”专项计划,招生高校比去年增加39所。包括网上报名和现场确认两个阶段,所有参加硕士研究生招生考试的考生均须网上报名,9月24日至9月27日每天9时至22时为网上预报名时段,10月10日至10月31日,每天9时至22时为网上报名时段,逾期不再补报,也不得再修改报名信息。2017年研考初试为笔试,今年12月24日至12月25日考试,超过3小时的考试科目在12月26日进行。   大庆晚报记者 袁丽平相关的主题文章:

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