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30 years of wage change history: which career in different periods to make more money? According to the 2016 Hurun global rich list shows that Chinese worth more than $1 billion "large number has been the world’s first nouveau riche". Look at yourself, think of others, why do you make so little money that others earn so much? Since thirty years of reform and opening up, the equalitarianism has been broken, the new changes of the industry wage and income pattern. From 1980 to 2015 the average wage of workers across the country over the years changes from the table we can see that in 1980 the national average wage of workers is 762 yuan, in 2015 the average wage is 61240 yuan, 30 years, wages rose by 80.37 times. At the same time, many of the "golden bowl" plunges into soil rice bowl, there are many who soil bowl counter attack has become "xiangbobo". 80s: the most glorious work of taxi drivers, salesmen, postman and so on are now very common occupation, once represented the dream of an era. "When I was a child, my dream was to become a taxi driver." Born in 50s, Shijiazhuang old Liu said the driver, "eight members" "ten members" from 60s to 80s the popular driver, conductor, such as the postman occupation ". Liu recalled that in 80s, the car is a luxury, the driver is bullish. According to Liu, one of his friends every day "the driver the car to the Shijiazhuang monument there to stop people to pull, no one will recover, not a few years wearing Daikin necklace." A rental Liu also turns to run after an addiction: "driving a taxi to earn a month two thousand or three thousand easily, also seven hundred or eight hundred other work family income." "Million households," 80s is a noun specific, generally by the self-employed, private owners and contractors of enterprises. "The original bullets as selling tea", "to the missile as selling tea" was coined. "China Youth Daily" a survey that shows that the most popular occupation in the top three are self-employed and taxi drivers, cooks, and the last three were scientists, doctors and teachers. 90s: knowledge to change the fate of engage in geological exploration earn much, they are professionals, and long-term in the wild." Liu recalled. According to the 1995 National Bureau of statistics data show that some of the industry wage level has the talent shows itself: power, "gas and water supply enterprises 7843 yuan (including electric power enterprises significantly higher), 9098 yuan railway, aviation and telecommunications 12686 yuan 9026 yuan, 8377 yuan in engineering design. Also in this period, China has been a firm determination to open, a large number of foreign capital into China, when the Chinese employees of foreign companies to get the absolute salary. In the 1992~1995 period, the monthly income of ordinary people in the United States 1 50~1 40 is Chinese city worker income, while foreign companies in the implementation of the country’s Chinese wage. Shekou famous Hong Kong Kaida toy factory in an ordinary worker, monthly salary can earn 300 yuan, plus a variety of benefits, so that the married woman will marry sister Kaida ". With the domestic capital market相关的主题文章:

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