Ecoquest International Reviews-is Ecoquest A Scam 渔民捕百斤大海龟 台湾渔船遭抢劫

Network-Marketing Ralpheal Jackson is a Success Internet Marketer that has dedicated his time and skill set to helping and assisting others to building multiple online income streams. The Big Question Of The Day Is, IS ECOQUEST THE REAL DEAL OR IS IT A SCAM THAT’S OUT TO GET YOU GOODS? Well First Thing First I Would Like To Start Off By Saying That In Know Way,Form,Or Fashion Am I Affiliated With Ecoquest International And Neither Do I Have Something Against Ecoquest International. Basically This Is A Review Coming From A Guy Who Have Been In The Networking Marketing Industry For 5 Years! I Have Seen Company’s Come And Go In That Small Amount Of Time Because Of The Lack Of A Good Product, Poor Marketing,And Changing The Comp Plan. I Have Also Heard Of Big Company Getting Shut Down By The Federal Trade Commission Within Two Years Because Their Business Model Could Have Been What We Call A Pyramid. And That Leads us Into Our Complex And Boring Review Of Ecoquest. Enjoy! lol Well In Order For A Company To Be A Scam Or Pyramid The Company Would Have To Lack A Product That’s Worthy Of The Price That There Asking For. In Other Words In Order For Ecoquest To Be A Legit Business Opp. Ecoquest Would Have To Have A Product That Has Value. Ecoquest Have Very Valuable Products The Provide A Clean Enviroment Throught Their Air Purifiers Line Of Products. So Ecoquest Pass The Scam Test! One Way That You Could Find out If Ecoquest is A Scam Is By Visiting The BBB (Better Business Bureau) Website And Their You Would Find Information On About 90% Of Companies. WOULD I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND AMBIT ENERGY? Well’ In All Honest It Depends On What Your Looking For And I Tell People This All The Time’ It Doesn’t Matter What Company Or Business Opportunity You Join If You Don’t Understand What It Takes To Become Successful In That Opportunity. The Majority Of Us Assume That The Opportunity Or Are Upline Will Teach Us How To Earn Income In The Business Opportunity But However If That Was The Case Then Their Would be A Outstanding Failure Rate Of 97% In This Industry, That Clearly States That The Majority Of Folks Who Join A Business Opportunity Don’t Have A Clue Of What Their Doing. When I First Started Off In The Home Business Industy I Struggled For ABout Two And A Half Years But It Wasn’t My Fault Just As It Isn’t The Majority Of Folks Fault Who Join A Home Business In Hopes Of Making Extra Income But End Up Spending More Money Than They Make. The Reason Why Is Because We All Do What Were Told To Do Like Make A List Of 101 Prospects, Practice The 3 Foot Rule, Invite Family And Friends To Conference Calls, And Pretty Much Get Rejected Until We Get A Yes. WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??? Well’ Its Obvious, It’s Simply Poor Marketing And Poor Marketing Is What Cause Businesses All Over The World To Fail In Their First Year. If You Consider Walmart, McDonald, And American Idea Business Model You’ll Understand Where Most Net workers Go Wrong. The Following Big Business That I Just Name All Have One thing In Common Beside Success, And That Is The Science Of Attraction Marketing. WHAT IS ATTRACTION MARKETING? Attraction Marketing Is Finding Out What People/Customers/Or Prospects Desire, Need, And Want And Simply Get That Product Or Service In front Of Them. Their Are Many Different Vehicles That You Can Use To Get Your Product,Service,Or Opportunity In Front Of People Who Are Looking For What You Offer, I Personally Like To Use The Internet. The Traditional Way Of Building A Networking Marketing Business Is Build Upon Your Ability To Spread The Word About Your Business Opp And This Is What The Guys Over At Ambit Teach. But Obviously It Makes More Sense To Talk To Folks About Your Business That’s Warm And Interested In What You Have To Offer Oppose To Your Family And Friends And Complete Strangers Who Just May Not Be Interested In Your Business Opportunity For Various Reasons. THEIR IS A SCIENCE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETING ORGANIZATION With Out Going Through Rejection Day After Day And Spending 40 Hours A Week Training And Cold Calling Leads, For Years Many Have Been Practicing Attraction Marketing Methods And Literally Exploding Their Income And Walking Away From Their Job Some In Months And Some In Years. Most Top Income Earners All Have One thing In Common And That Thing Is They All Practice Attraction Marketing Techniques Even If They Don’t Tell You ABout This. It’s Okay Because YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT YOU DON"T KNOW! That’s One Of My Favorite lol. In Closing’ I Find That We As People Who Just Want To Find A Fair Opportunity So We Can Bring In Extra Income, Spend More Time Trying To Figure Out What Business Opportunity Has The Best Comp Plan And Product’ But We Most Of Us Never Spend Time Learning How We Can Gain From Those Opportunities By Learning ANd Understand The Same Exact Stuff That Just Few Have Come To Learn. And Thats How To make Real Money in The Home Business Industry! It Doesn’t Matter How Great A Business Opportunity Is And What Celebrities Endorse The Company,If You Don’t Understand How To Make Money In That Company. There Are Very Important Factors That You Must Understand If You Really Want To Be A True Success Story In Network Marketing Like How To Become An Irresistible Sponsor And How To Master Duplication. You Have To Get A Clear Understanding Of People And Why People Do What They Do. How You Can Get Your Business In Front Of The Masses Each And Everyday And Start Generating Leads And Build A List Of Targeted Prospects (Not Your Family And Friends). How To Monetize Your Leads Which is Making Money Of Off Your Prospects Even If They Do Not Join You In Business! You Could be Leaving A Ton Of Good Money On The Table! The Main Thing That I Had To Learn Was That People By From People Not Compensation Plans And Products And If I Could Become A Leader In This Industry I Would Be Able To Build Any Network Marketing Business On The Globe Without Spending A Lifetime Doing So. It Doesn’t Matter if A Company Go Out Of Business You Still Would Be Able To Start Over And Within A Year Build A Successful Business Into A 100k A Year Empire And That’s Exactly What I Encourage You To Learn Because That’s Priceless. The Best Part Is You Don’t Have To Be Super Cool Like Me To Do This Stuff ! (Just Joking You Do Need To Be Cool) lol No I’m Joking lol!!! In All Honest You Really Do Not Have To Be Perfect You Just Simply Have To Figure Out Or Find Out How This Stuff Works And Then Just Do It. Most of All You Have To Want To Do This Stuff And Belive That It’s Possible. I Would Like To Share More Information With you That Will Teach You How To DOMINATE In Any Business Opportunity From Ecoquest International All The Way To Company Z But I Would Be Here Typing All Day, So, I Encourage You To Scroll Down Or Visit My Resource Box And Take Up Our FREE Video Training In Which You’ll Learn Top Income Earners Cherry Picking Secrets, And How You Can Start Implementing These Big Shot Attraction Marketing Techniques!!! Thanks Ralpheal Jackson. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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