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Software Nowadays, particularly everyone searches some needed information in Internet, looking through dozens of various websites. Surely, it is the easiest way to discover necessary facts. Sometimes one finds interesting and useful information, but in most cases he enters websites which are full of bright and useless advertisements, grammar mistakes, illegible fonts, improper links, etc. There is a huge number of websites of very poor quality and functionality. The matter is that people neglect software testing services. But without functional testing and performance testing, it is very difficult to create a successful site which will be popular among users. Before presenting the website to the end-users, it is necessary to perform its thorough checking. The specialists from software testing company use checklists for not missing any important aspect of the system or application. What Should Be Tested Before Site Launching? First of all, every development module as well as JS and CSS aggregation should not be accessible for users. Otherwise, it will cause the non-reversible consequences. Only admin can create accounts if the website is not a community one. The security of password plays an important role. It should be strong and complex. An inevitable part of every web site is Google Analytics. It should work in an appropriate way to show the number of users (including unlogged). In such a case, the real time function may be applied. The error messages should be clear and short. Besides that, they should contain the information that will help to solve the problem. For example, 403 and 404 should be appropriately customized. The site content should not be forgotten. It is obvious that all information should be correct, interesting and well-arranged. But the content should also be removed. This is not a full list of website aspects which require checking before the launch. Every site has its own peculiarities and specific features which define the principles and methods of the testing procedure. What Are the Core Aspect of Web Site? Usability. A site should be handy and convenient for users. To check that, usability testing should be conducted. Functionality. The product should operate in a proper way without any errors and glitches. For example, a feature of the website does not function in one browser, but everything is ok in the other one. The appearance of failures may be prevented with the help of performance testing, functional checking, load testing , etc. Design. It should be interesting, exciting and probably unusual. But it should be suitable for the site content and subject matter. By: Jack Webber – It is very much true that web applications are one of the most effective ways to get in touch with the clients or customers and even create durable as well as the long-term relationship with them. By: QATestLab – The starting point of software testing is connected with the Mark II. Everything happened in 1947. The Mark II was created by the specialists from Harvard University. It should be the new type of computer. It was rather huge machine. By: Sudhir Singh – Hotel online reputation management systems are integrated and unified interfaces that are useful for small and large hospitality service providers. These systems can monitor reviews as well as track the social media buzz to interact with consume … By: Sudhir Singh – Hotels across the globe depend on online booking portals to reach potential guests and sell their inventories better. But they fail to efficiently manage so many such web platforms at a given point of time to manage availabilities, allotments an … By: cynthia – Digiarty Software announces the support for video joining on Windows 10, making it available to join multiple videos in the same or different formats into a single file. By: ketan chhabani – We provide MLM Software Development services to Direct Selling companies which are also called Network Marketing Companies. The concept of Multi-level marketing company is based on connecting people with each other for the purpose of increasing … By: emily anderson1 – Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH) provide acute and post-acute care to clinically complex individuals who have multiple acute or chronic conditions and need care for relatively extended periodsmore than 25 days, on average By: Thomas Wright – The software companies in Durgapur hire highly trained and skilled professionals in serving the customers on time and delivering projects that surpass a customers expectations. They provide innovative, accurate, up to date and cost effective … By: cynthia – WinXDVD Software today announces that its product – WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has been refreshed to copy DVDs of (2016) Oscar winners and nominees for personal use. Thus, DVD owners can rip Oscar DVDs to digital files for backup or playback on mo … By: Sudhir Singh – Revenue management is a part and parcel of the entire yield management process in the hospitality industry. The process underlines market analysis that is critical to maximize the total profitability of a hotel. Profits are determined by establi … 相关的主题文章:

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