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Finance Retirement brings on a lot of changes. While you may no longer commute to a "day job", you may still keep busy with lots of activities. Your priorities will change. One of the most important things you should consider is if your same home is still the right one for your new lifestyle. Did you buy a large house when you had a large and growing family? If so, this home may be very sentimental to you. It also provides plenty of extra rooms so you have space to house your kids and grand-kids when they visit. You may have a lot of good reasons to keep your house. However, you should only let sentimental reasons take you so far. If you are keeping a home with lots of extra bedrooms because your kids visit twice a year, you may be wasting a lot of money. When you own a home, you must pay for a home policy, write out a check for property taxes, and spend money for upkeep. Your costs may be lower than they were when the kids were living at home. You can probably close off some rooms to save money on utilities, try to compare online insurance quotes to get the best homeowners insurance rates, and get a lower property tax rate because you are over 65. There will still be plenty of bills you still have to pay regardless of how many people live in the house. On the other hand, if you could move into a smaller house, or even rent an apartment, you may get a lot of benefits. Downsizing can make your life cheaper and easier! With a smaller, cheaper home, you usually get lower bills for utilities, repairs, insurance, and property taxes. I know that when I moved from a 3,000 square foot house to an 1,8000 square foot house, I paid a lot less for lots of things! In my opinion, these lower bills were a big relief! Sometimes I consider selling the smaller house and moving into an apartment. I could reduce a lot of my bills. I still would need some sort of renter’s policy, but this coverage will cost less than home coverage! It would be a lot easier to care for an apartment home, and that would give me more time to do things I wanted to do! Mowing a lawn and fixing a leaky pipe are never high on my list of things I enjoy doing! I do have a lot of things I have collected over the years. But many of these things sit in boxes in my garage. I probably could sort through these things, and give away or discard most of them without ruining my life! If I had to, I could probably get a good storage unit for an affordable price. Visitors did not mind replacing a special guest bedroom for spending the night on a sleeper sofa or blow up mattress. When a lot of people visited, with a whole family, I would pay for their motel room. It was still cheaper to offer to put up family in a motel than it was to pay for higher bills every month! It may make sense for you to keep your old house. Lots of retirees do enjoy a downsized home! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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