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Small Business There are some qualities and skills that differentiate an outstanding realtor from an ordinary one. Be a Responsive and Effective Communicator The biggest problem real estate buyers have is communication; as agents take days to respond and do it on their own terms. Deals are broken and customers are lost because of this. It is necessary for a property broker or agent to understand the preferred form of communication of the customer and use it. Putting the customers in their comfort zone ensures they trusts you and dont withhold any information. At times the customer may operate in a manner which does not suit your style of working. In such cases, you should promptly and tactfully tell them about alternative methods of contact and availability. You could say something like, I wish to give you the best of my services. If we communicate through emails / text messages / whichever suits you best, I will be able to reply promptly to your queries. I am the most available during XX-YY hours. This shows initiative on your part and also gives the client an idea of the best time and medium to contact you. It is important to respond within hours if not minutes. If you are not going to be able to meet the clients requirements, immediately inform them if and when can you do so rather than not respond at all. Timely and quick responses bring trust and increase the chances of closing the deal. It could also be the differentiator that gets you more referrals. Be on Top of Market Trends and Local Data The reason a buyer or seller turns to an agent is that he does not know enough about the local area and property market trends. From the clients point of view, they are looking for a place to live and work if you cannot give them a complete picture of what their life will be like in that property, they are likely to skip a good deal or make a bad deal. Either ways it hurts your business. Deals are taken or skipped on the basis of the smallest factors. From an investors point of view he is paying you for advice he wants a good deal that will give him good returns. He needs to be shown what the future of that property holds for him in terms of monetary gains. Many times investors do not know they can leverage their property. Providing such advice may create new business: for example you can help rent out that property. Investors typically do more homework than house owners or buyers and may have their own agenda. It is important to gain their trust, and give them accurate and profitable advice. Clients come to a property agent because they feel the agent knows more than them. It is important to stay at the top of your game. Otherwise buyers and sellers will be quick to move on to a new agent or become a DIY realtor. About the Author: RE/MAX, the worlds largest-selling real estate company, offers franchise and new business opportunities in India. RE/MAX can help smart investors and franchise owners to take advantage of the knowledge of a strong network of local brokers to capitalize on discounts in property prices offered by real estate developers. Visit for details. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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