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Business With the increasing pressure of fierce competition and reducing profits, the businesses are compelled to create some crazy and ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for advertising their products and ‘stand out’ from the crowd. The tough task facing the promoters is to grab the attention of his target customer and lure him to buy the product, besides keeping their ad spend as low as possible. The critical role of promotion lies in bringing about awareness about the product; the customer needs to be introduced to your product and its features before he even thinks of making a purchase. Let’s look at some unique and bizarre ways in which businesses can achieve their promotional goals. Hold promotional events This is a great attention seeker for crowds and media and gives a good publicity to your business. If you are into manufacturing children’s products; you can hold a painting contest followed by ( promotional products) rewards for the winners; you can have your company logo and address details on the rewarded items. Do something interesting to feature in the news have your company name, logo and website address on a huge kite made with brilliant colors and let it fly and advertise your business to a large audience. You are sure to get media attention; so you will generate branding and news without spending on it. Besides, give away free coffee cups , pen ors kites with the relevant company details to the visitors. Charity tie-ins If you are planning to launch a new product in a certain community segment; offer the product to a local charity as a part of a raffle prize or a fund raiser event. You will be able to successfully create visibility for your product among those who buy and / or attend the event. Community service It is also a great way to capture people’s minds. If you are a publisher of school books, you can offer free books to a charitable school organization in your community for a year. This is a great way of providing education material to those who need it and getting publicity for your good job. Free hair cuts or hair setting If you are launching a hair care product; you can promote a trial use for the product by holding a free cut and styling event in the areas where you have your stores or outlets; it will fetch you a lot of target customers and give your product a good launch. Giveaways These are the most appreciated items, especially if they are readily usable or provide some good piece of information to perk up their lives. You promotional item should reflect your authority in the field of your business so that customers feel confident about your expertise. If you are into shoe repair business, give out brochures about how to maintain expensive shoes and retain their look for a longer time. Overview: The success or failure of your business largely depends on your promotional endeavors. Your greatest creative asset is your mind; let it work in all directions and devise the best promotional strategy for your business. The time and energy spent will be definitely advantageous; you will stand apart from your competition and be visible to your target consumer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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