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Marketing Homebuilders have invested heavily in their EnterpriseOne Homebuilder Management System to increase business-process efficiency. But these investments yield maximum value only when they are integrated with a flexible, robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, providing a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of the homebuyer that can be used to make informed business decisions, improve efficiencies, add value to every customer touch, and improve the overall homebuyer experience. As the marketplace becomes more competitive and homebuyers become more discriminating, homebuilders that embrace a customer-for-life philosophy can optimize their processes to present a unified face to prospects, homebuyers, and homeowners, who demand a consistent, personalized experience across all departments. The Pivotal CRM team has partnered with Pervasive Software to rapidly connect EnterpriseOne and Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office, reducing the time, cost, and risk associated with enterprise application integration. This partnership gives homebuilders the best of both worlds: EnterpriseOne, a stable, proven back-office homebuilder management system, and Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office, a flexible, enterprise-wide marketing, sales, and customer care solution that tightly integrates processes across functional departments and geographic markets. No single vendor can provide this today. Most homebuilders choose EnterpriseOne and Pivotal CRM independently because they find each to be the best product to meet their business needs. Now Pivotal CRM efficiently links these critical information systems together to build customers for life. The Pivotal CRM team has also partnered with Pervasive Software to deliver comprehensive integration services and a cost-effective integration solution for homebuilders. Leveraging the combined expertise of the Pivotal Professional Services team and Pervasive integration specialists, homebuilders benefit from unrivaled, world-class EnterpriseOne and Pivotal CRM integration expertise. This expertise can assist homebuilders in integrating other functional areas, such as scheduling or home mortgage operations. Pivotal CRM delivers industry best practices, a proven methodology for implementation, preconfigured integration framework templates, and easy-to-use middleware technology to enable homebuilders to deploy a comprehensive integrated enterprise that includes a complete, flexible Homebuilder Front Office CRM system fully integrated with an EnterpriseOne back office, at a low total cost of ownership. Fully Integrated Applications Designed to meet the needs of high-production homebuilders, integration between Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers support for the entire homebuyer lifecycle. With this solution, complete end-to-end front-office and back-office integration improves data flow and management access to shared data. Integrated processes cut manual steps, redundant data entry, and multiple user interfaces, dramatically improving efficiencies. Any time information is maintained in more than one location, data synchronization problems can occur, and the administrator needs to ensure that each system maintains the same version of common data. For most companies, this means manually entering the same data in both locations. With fully integrated applications, however, Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office and EnterpriseOne can coexist and work together by transferring data bi-directionally between the two systems, dramatically reducing the risk of lost data and lost opportunities. The transfer of data is typically done in a batch mode, with information visible in both systems upon completion of the batch transfercompletely eliminating the need to log and make updates in both applications, and mitigating costly data errors. Scheduling of the data synchronization is controlled by the homebuilder and can be automatically executed as frequently as desired, from every few minutes to hourly or daily. Integrated data is then immediately available to front-office and back-office users online, and is automatically synchronized with disconnected mobile users. Reflect Geographic Data in Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office Construction planning forms the basis of what products are available for sale at any given time. All of that critical information is entered and stored in EnterpriseOne HMS, available to the back-office on demand, but virtually out of sight to the people who want it most: the sales team. Sharing information and updates from EnterpriseOne with Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office allows sales representatives to access every available release, lot, and inventory home within each region, division, and neighborhood that they are permitted to sell. Their jobs are made that much easierthey always know exactly which lots and homes are available for sale and their current phase in the construction process. Through this integration, homebuilders eliminate otherwise-daunting duplicate data entry in their CRM system. More importantly, it allows them to segment and assign sales teams and specific representatives to sales releases. When it is time to start selling, every release is optimally staffed, so sales associates can sell better, sell more, and sell faster. About Pivotal CRM for Homebuilders & Real Estate Tailored specifically for the high-production homebuilders industry, Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office is designed to handle the complete marketing automation, lead management, sales automation, and customer care cycles of volume homebuildersfrom the first point of interest through the complete sales cycle to the handling of service and warranty requests years after a home is purchased. Built on an enterprise-class, Microsoft-based platform, Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office offers industry-specific functionality, while still providing the flexibility to support each homebuilders unique business processes and operations. For more information, please visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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