13 year old boy from Shanghai who did not return in 69 hours by morning aunt found Hangzhou bridge ( 女f4

13 year old boy from Shanghai who did not return in 69 hours by Hangzhou bridge (Figure) yesterday morning morning aunt found the bridge side of this scene, many users warm from the beginning of October 25th, a message touched the hearts of the people of Shanghai in Shanghai Yucai junior middle school students in a 13 year old Li Ziren (wearing a blue and white uniforms Yucai primary school no, the bag), due to leakage of homework, the teacher interviewed the parents, then the parents received the students, let him ride home. The students out of the school gate at 16:15 16:34, the bike parked in the road No. 360 building B1 constant on the left, has not returned…… News quickly forwarded in the circle of friends, and even some of the taxi on the windshield of Shanghai, also began rolling to find the child’s information. Yesterday morning, good news came from the West Lake Bridge side, Li Ziren has been away for 3 days, was a morning Hangzhou aunt found, and contact with his parents. Users live photos released, a woman wearing a yellow jacket, tightly holding Li Ziren. Was friends known as the "warm heart arms" in this scene, so many people between Shanghai and Hangzhou to Hangzhou aunt praise. Yesterday morning, the reporter in Shanghai to wait for the news of Xiao Li dad to call, Mike’s parents are still anxiously waiting for the police to take the child back to Shanghai from Hangzhou. He repeatedly told reporters to convey the gratitude of the aunt: "at that time too anxious, do not know whether she should be surnamed, or yin……" The little boy was leaving Shanghai morning Hangzhou aunt noticed in the city of Shanghai, dispatched search unexpectedly, everyone in the city to look for Shanghai, Li Ziren quietly left the Shanghai. After the police and the little boy in the exchange know, Xiao Li, 25, after leaving home in the afternoon, by coach to Jiangsu, Taicang, and later to Hangzhou. Yesterday at 7:30 in the morning, Hangzhou Yin (sound) in the West Lake morning aunt as usual, went to the Beishan street near the bridge, she saw a man dressed in pink and yellow raincoat boy. Yin aunt took a heart: no rain, the boy was wearing a raincoat, and this point should be the time to go to school, why will the little boy alone in West Lake. Yin aunt saw, the heart can not let go. She came up and asked, "do you come to West Lake alone?" But the little boy heard, did not say a word, turned away. Still do not trust the child away and then back around his Yin aunt the child ignored, first thought feel shy any more questions, want to continue to exercise. But take a few steps, the heart is not put down, decided to go back. Less than 8, Yin aunt found a boy in the vicinity. She asked with morning exercises old partners testify to prove he is not what is malicious. She stepped forward and gently hugged the boy. Yin aunt kindly persuade the boy: "you a run out, parents are worried, you know?" "Where do you sleep at night, it’s so cold in the night, you have to freeze……" Some advised down, some people gathered around, that the child may be away from home, Yin aunt used a "trick": "I definitely want to contact your mom and Dad: Oh, do you want to"相关的主题文章:

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