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Nanjing Hukou deal comments or replace the integral settled buyers settled in Modern Express News (reporter Tao Weizhou Gu Yuansen) this morning, the Nanjing municipal government legal office official website issued a notice on the "measures" and "management of Nanjing City Hukou access Nanjing city settled integral implementation measures" to solicit public opinion. Modern Express reporter noted that the new household registration management approach, the abolition of the purchase of a simple settled, instead of the implementation of the integral settled policy. According to the Nanjing City Hukou access management approach to the release of the "" (Draft), one of the following circumstances, you can move into the city for urban hukou, and apply to the Department of human resources and social security, the Organization Department, public security department for: (a) the Ministry of Army resettlement in Nanjing; (two) to be Jiangsu province appointed college-graduate village official and work in the city; (three) belongs to the national people plan " " experts, national special compensation plan (million plan) experts, Jiangsu Province young experts with outstanding contributions, enjoy the special allowance of the State Council; (four) hold "overseas high-level talents in Jiangsu province of residence permit" or "residence permit" Nanjing to B card, and in the city area of employment or entrepreneurship; (five) postdoctoral researchers in this area of employment or entrepreneurship ; (six) in the country (territory) obtained bachelor degree or above of returned students, employment in the city area or business; (seven) college graduates (including graduating full-time occupation college graduates) in accordance with the employment policy in the city region industry or business; (eight) study on college students have full-time graduates in the city area of employment or business; or have full-time undergraduate colleges, college degree and at the age of 35 years of graduates in the city region or industry entrepreneurship, bachelor degree graduates continuously pay social insurance for 1 years, college degree graduates continuous pay social insurance for 2 years; (nine) and has a senior professional and technical qualifications, or a mid-level professional and technical qualifications and age In the age of 35, employment in the city area or business; (ten) with the national occupation qualification level one or two, or with the national occupation qualification level three and under 35 years of age, employment in the city area or business; (eleven) other personnel by the provincial and municipal government approved the introduction the. In addition, the draft also explicitly agreed to the conditions of the spouses, parents take refuge in adult children, parents and young children to join their parents and other related personnel settled policy. Modern Express reporter noted that the previous purchase settled policy in the draft did not mention. However, the draft clearly, " in line with the relevant conditions of the non Nanjing household registration, you can apply for the account moved to the city. Does not comply with the relevant conditions of the present approach, you can use the integral system, the application will be moved into the city’s household ". Modern Express reporter learned that, according to the Nanjing points settled in the implementation of the approach (Draft), apply for integral settled, should also meet the following conditions: (a) hold the city相关的主题文章:

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