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The man thought the police vacation holiday buy false speed checked (Figure) the morning of October 5th, Xingshan Police Brigade police are Yiba highway toll stations along the river to carry out focused campaigns. At this time, a Chongqing car slowly to the police came, the police immediately signaled its parking for inspection. Unexpectedly, the driver actually used to spend 260 yuan to buy a fake driver’s license. During the inspection, police found the driver Chen driver’s license to produce rough work, the font is different, suspected of using forged driving license, then carries on the further inquiry, Chen admitted on the spot that the driver’s license is purchased. Subsequently, the police found the driver’s license is found in the state of the search is revoked. According to Chen explained, in 2012 due to drunken driving by Chongqing police administrative punishment revoke the driving license, driving ban for 5 years, because of that there is no driver’s license is not easy, the friends spent 260 yuan to buy a false. This is just the National Day holiday, with his family from Chongqing to Shennongjia tourism, due to travel far away, at the same time that is a holiday, the traffic police will not leave, checks on passing vehicles, and then the family take turns driving to Shennongjia, did not expect when traveling to the appropriate speed baggao Yanduhe toll station, police were caught a. Sweep code big Chu Yichang, to understand the latest local information!相关的主题文章:

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