Fan Bingbing started out old exposure no wonder users can only play the new network lock – in 木村kaela

Fan Bingbing started out old photos: no wonder the exposure of users can only play the new network in October Beijing Golden – in 14, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, actress Fan Bingbing has delicate features such as a doll, but it is quite straightforward domineering personality, "Fan Ye" title, played a Yahuan golden angle open visibility in "Huanzhugege" in. Recently, the network crazy pass her debut photo, purple eye shadow with superfine Liu Mei, other quite shocking, users can not help but wonder: "this loss they can only play the golden appearance." Fan Bingbing debuted in 1997, when she was 19 years old, elegant appearance of concern in the coming year, "Huanzhugege" as Ziwei close Yahuan golden, and rage. Some netizens dug at the start of his career as propaganda, surprised to see her eyes with the popular purple eye shadow, has also cut a very fine, super flat bangs, looks dull and big difference now Leng Leng, domineering and fashionable. After seeing a lot of friends surprised, laughing and teasing: stylist ruined her, no wonder only to play Jin Suo." Some people say purple eye shadow is hard to control, bad will become a "black and blue", Fan Bingbing said with a smile before makeup is the best example. In fact, Fan Bingbing’s early face unlike the current face, rounded cheeks look like a blessing, but the facial features are still fairly solid and deep, old photos out, have cracked the integer that fans are behind her, that everyone has in the past, but the sub bottom Fan Ye is a doll.相关的主题文章:

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