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Xinhua commentary: real estate intermediary to serve to stock the overall real estate — Xinhua commentary: original title: real estate intermediary to serve to stock the overall situation of Xinhua news agency Xinhua: August 29 Beijing real estate intermediary to serve to stock the overall situation of housing and urban construction department and other seven departments the recently released "on the strengthening of the real estate intermediary management to promote the healthy development of the industry", the first sentence is "the real estate industry is an important part of the real estate industry". That being the case, the real estate agency, of course, to comply with the stock to the central task, service in the three to a drop in the work of the overall situation. Real estate, the main content of inventory, is the central clear to meet the new housing needs of the people, the establishment of a simultaneous purchase and rent housing system. From the demand side, the new public housing demand, mostly is rent to buy or rent and purchase; from the supply side, "to stock" means is to ease most city, especially the three or four line of the city’s high housing stock. From the above two aspects, the service of second-hand housing or housing transactions in the stock of real estate agents, both shouldering the important responsibility, but also facing enormous opportunities for development. Real estate agents to play an active role in the inventory, the first is the transparency of information, both to open and transparent trading price information, but also to open and transparent real listings. Only in this way, in order to accurately convey the supply and demand information, so that buyers and sellers through the real information to protect their own interests, which is the real estate agent decontamination of the fundamental. Real estate intermediary actively involved in the inventory, the government’s public service should keep up. Especially the city and county real estate departments according to the requirements of the central authorities, and comprehensively promote the construction of housing stock trading network signed a contract system, establish and improve the housing stock transaction fund supervision system, housing prices and rents a regular release system. The real estate departments shall, jointly with the competent pricing department, strengthen the housing prices and rents monitoring, released to promote the real estate intermediary "path", a reasonable guide market expectations. Real estate intermediary participation "to stock", the developers also need to fully understand the new stage of the video simultaneously. In recent years, a second-hand housing market linkage between more and more closely, tourists in between houses and second-hand housing conversion is more and more frequent, real estate intermediary hands tourist potential value more and more, is an important force in the building "to stock". Some developers pay real estate brokers Commission significantly higher than the second-hand housing transactions, this practice is worth encouraging. It must be emphasized that the "stock" and "deleveraging" is highly unified, to "leverage" to "inventory", is tantamount to doing. The seven sector notice, once again strictly regulate the financial activities of real estate agents. The real estate intermediary only hold the information intermediary, transaction maker duty, in order to prevent amplification of real estate transactions of non rational factors, and make the housing needs of "matching" of housing supply, rather than speculative demand and "mismatch", the inventory from the hands of developers passed on to the society. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:

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