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The new Portman movie "John ·" Donovan; death and life will be missed in Cannes Natalie · Portman "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 19th (author: Etan Vlessing) Canadian director Javier · Dolan will not let her next film at the Cannes Film Festival, in order to avoid being disguised as a critic one of his personal attacks, this movie is "John · Donovan’s death and life" (The Death and Life of John F. Donovan), which starred Natalie Portman and Jessica · · Chastain starring. In his Ins account, Javier · Dolan said he directed the "John ·"; death and life of Donovan is not ready for the Cannes Film Festival, the film will begin in November this year filming, is expected in June 2017 will be the end of filming, and the Cannes Film Festival is on May every year. However, Javier Dolan · this film is not participating in the Cannes Film Festival, the main reason is not because of the time, he also explained in Ins: "this kind of bullying and unprovoked hate culture, should not become a part of the film industry or critics." Javier · Dolan recently in the 6 film 5 are held the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and the "John ·" the death and life of Donovan; also he directed most of the movie star. John "·" Donovan; death and life is an independent movie, in addition to Natalie Portman and Jessica · · Chastain, the film also starred · KITT Harrington. Harrington as an American TV star in the film, he and the gossip columnist pen friends exposure. Javier · Doran; the film himself did not want to become the object criticized by critics of population in Cannes this year, he directed "just at the end of the world" ("s Only the End of It the World) at the Cannes Film Festival jury award before, was the media" crusade "target. "Since our lives be kicked out in a film critic cannot age, then choose suitable platform for their own movie, the choice is not a helpless or revenge platform, it is right to a director." Javier · Dolan wrote in his social accounts. Since the director debut "I killed my mother" premiered at the Cannes film festival since 2009, Javier · Dolan is Cannes’s favorite, the fifth movie "2014 he directed the mummy" (Mommy), won the jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival in third, but the sixth film "he’s just the world at the end of", but at the Cannes Film Festival last year was a critic with criticism. After avoiding the Cannes Film Festival, Javier ·相关的主题文章:

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