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"The 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march into the North Campus warriors" creative hard battle to reproduce the screen entertainment Sohu – "warrior" national film is sincere tribute film Sohu entertainment news by 81 film studio director Ning Haiqiang directed by the famous writer Zhao Dongling, Zhao Ningyu screenwriter, Luo Lixian choreographed the war action movie "warrior" is currently nationwide, 80 anniversary sincere tribute victory of long march. The film by Nie Yuan, Yu Xiaowei, and so on, and so on, and so on, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, by the stars of the film, such as, and so on, and so on, by the performance of the film, such as: Li Dongxue. "Warrior" to new creative ideas and shooting technology, reduction of the long march Dadu and flying from Luding Bridge two classic battle, several generations will be fewer of the textbook rememory the big screen. As the main theme of the film’s breakthrough, the release of 12 days, the warriors to less than ten percent of the row, get nearly 27 million box office results. Recently, the movie "warrior" into the campus, director Ning Haiqiang, screenwriter Zhao Ningyu hand, Zheng Lin Miaoke came to Beijing Film Academy, and our teachers and students to share the story behind the movie. The movie "warrior" into the campus, director Ning Haiqiang, screenwriter Zhao Ningyu stone, Lin Miaoke and other creative work came to the Beijing Film Academy in the cradle of China film, and our teachers and students to share the story behind the movie. The moving story combined with the excellent film technology, "warrior" by the audience’s warm welcome and recognition. Director Ning Haiqiang said: "the students have benefited from the film academy, years of film students cooperation experience has repeatedly and film school fought, in the creation process of" Warriors ", also with feelings together in the plateau and the jungle shooting creation." To encourage the presence of students. The "warrior" screenwriter Zhao Ningyu, is a professor of Beijing Film Academy, doctoral tutor. "With his work to go back to school, every student will experience this." After the film screenings, screenwriter Zhao Ningyu expressed his true feelings. In the film as the little soldier Wang Dongyu Zheng sincere speech: "thanks" warrior "crew, I experienced a great work." Lin Miaoke said: "this is my fourth viewing, still very moved to tears." "Warrior" creation is not adapted for the history of a whim, but through a textual research and discussion for a long time. The history and the national government, American writer, historical museum and other multi angle data were concentrated on, even the film props have been much research of ordnance. Screenwriter Zhao Ningyu also has twenty years of experience in the fans, he said: "the" warrior "movie creation will be history and micro history was a combination of the origin of every character in the play are history, they vividly live in history. It is also based on historical data, the creation of "warrior" in order to create a vivid characters and plot." For example, in the film Yu Xiaowei’s elite fighting Liao Daqiang, he has set the ability of bamboo shuttle between jump, which comes from Yang Chengwu’s memoir "shenbingtianjiang" section. The movie "warrior" predator raid, is currently.相关的主题文章:

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