Liu Qianyu soda exhibition dance strength concern c-pop development 巴雷特m82a1

Liu Qianyu "SODA" exhibition to sing and dance strength C-POP Liu Qianyu "SODA" Liu Qianyu show singing line jump strength Liu Qianyu Sina entertainment Liu Qianyu’s first solo single "SODA" before the picture and choreographer MV are equally impressive. In September 20th, the long-awaited Liu Qianyu first solo single "SODA" officially launched in the whole network, a new conference was held on the same day. "SODA" this type of work will inevitably be compared with popular Korean dance, which Liu Qianyu does not care, also expressed concern for everyone’s feedback and opinions, "these comments let me have the power to do better, will continue to strengthen their own characteristics, make more distinctive style." "SODA" MV in the dance part of the intensity and sexy both, in particular, through the special design of the beverage cans to open the action, with the expression of Liu Qianyu’s lovely demeanor, lively and appropriate. She never stopped practicing dance in life, often jump to other outstanding dance works, from which inspiration, rich in their own. In addition to singing, dancing, "C-POP" is also often mentioned Liu Qianyu and attention to the word. In her view, compared to dance music, Chinese pop music in the proportion of lyric songs greater, if the combination of Chinese wind and dance music, may be a relatively big breakthrough C-POP." In the next work plan, Liu Qianyu also want to try on the Chinese wind dance.相关的主题文章:

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