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First lady Michel Trump fanjiuzhang acid   called " face fast " – Hainan Channel – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump? 21 in North Carolina, a campaign will be aimed at the first lady Michel? Obama, provoke the latter with Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, irony? Her face quickly". [Trump] rare recording door after exposure, Michel last week in a campaign for Hilary on the platform, shelling Trump by using profanity insulting to women, cause a high degree of concern. Trump launched a counterattack to Michel on 21. He told the crowd: "what he (Obama)’s wife wants to do is make a stunt.". I’d like to see how much she likes Hilary. Wasn’t she the first one to say, "if you don’t handle your own family well, how do you manage the White House or even the whole country?"" When Obama competed with Hilary for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, Michel struck a chord with Hilary in a campaign against female voters. Finally, Obama beat Hilary and won the primaries. Trump continued, "that’s all she started.". I said, ‘it’s too vicious, and we don’t want to say’, but she said, we didn’t hear anyone else." According to the The Associated Press statement, Trump has avoided confrontation with Michel in the election campaign, because the negative news of the latter is very few, widely loved by voters, the support rate is much higher than her husband and Hilary. The White House spokesman Eric? He last week warned trump of the first lady, don’t make impertinent remarks. Schultz said at the time: "I can’t imagine, for Trump, there is still more aggressive than attacking the first lady of the United States to lose more support, even though he has lost a lot of support." [accident] at the end of 19 days of the third debate, Trump for suggesting that refused to recognize the election results incurred criticism, but also caused many voters resonate. The latest polls show that the gap between him and Hilary has not narrowed, but narrowed. A poll released on the 21 day of the Reuters and the Ipsos group showed Hilary’s support rate is 44%, Trump is 40%. The poll was carried out from 14 to 20 this month. Compared with the same poll a week ago, Trump’s support rate has risen by 3%, and Hilary’s lead has shrunk by nearly half. The poll also showed that 63% of respondents, including 1/3 Republicans, believed that Trump had sexual harassment of women’s "black history"". A national poll "clear political website according to Hilary’s support rate was 48.1%, 6.2 percentage points higher than trump. Trump was reluctant to say in the final televised debate whether he would acknowledge the November 8th election results, saying "stay a little suspense"". He then changed, will fully accept the election results, but the premise is that he win. If the results are dubious, he will retain the proposed) 特朗普翻旧账酸第一夫人米歇尔 称其"变脸快"–人民网海南频道–人民网   美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德?特朗普21日在北卡罗来纳州一场造势活动上将矛头对准第一夫人米歇尔?奥巴马,挑拨后者与民主党总统候选人希拉里?克林顿的关系,讽刺她“变脸快”。   【罕见】   特朗普“录音门”曝光后,米歇尔上周在一场竞选活动上为希拉里站台,炮轰特朗普用污言秽语侮辱女性的做法,引起极高关注度。   特朗普21日向米歇尔展开回击。他告诉集会人群:“他(奥巴马)的妻子想要做的只是制造噱头。我倒要看看她本人有多喜欢希拉里。难道不是她第一个说这样的话:如果你连自己家都管不好,怎么管好白宫甚至是整个国家?”   奥巴马2008年与希拉里竞争民主党党内总统候选人提名时,米歇尔在一次针对女性选民的拉票活动中这样“亏”过希拉里,引发共鸣。最终奥巴马战胜希拉里,赢得预选。   特朗普继续说道:“是她开始的这一切。我当时说‘这样的话太恶毒,我们可不要说’,可是她说了,我们并没有听到别人(如此评价她)。”   按照美联社说法,特朗普在竞选活动中一直避免与米歇尔正面交锋,因为后者的负面新闻极少,广受选民喜爱,支持率比其丈夫和希拉里均高不少。   白宫发言人埃里克?舒尔茨上周警告过特朗普,不要对第一夫人出言不逊。舒尔茨当时说:“我想象不出,对特朗普来说,还有比攻击美国第一夫人更鲁莽的方式来失去更多支持,尽管他已经失去很多支持。”   【意外】   在19日结束的第三场辩论中,特朗普因暗示拒绝承认大选结果招致口诛笔伐,但也引发不少选民共鸣。最新民调显示,他与希拉里之间的差距非但没有拉大,反而缩小了。   路透社和益普索集团21日公布的一项民调结果显示,希拉里的支持率为44%,特朗普为40%。这一民调于本月14日至20日实施。相比一周前的同一民调,特朗普的支持率涨了3%,希拉里的领先幅度萎缩近半。   这份民调还显示,63%的受访者,包括三分之一共和党人,相信特朗普有过性骚扰女性的“黑历史”。   美国“清晰政治”网站开展的一份全国性民调显示,希拉里的支持率为48.1%,比特朗普高出6.2个百分点。   特朗普在最后一场电视辩论中不愿表态是否会承认11月8日的大选投票结果,称要“留点悬念”。他随后又改口称,会完全接受选举结果,但前提是他赢。如果选举结果“令人生疑”,他将保留提出法律挑战的权利。   特朗普在本次大选中一直指责希拉里阵营操纵选情,不仅控制媒体舆情,还存在投票舞弊行为,如已去世的人被列入选民名单,以及同一个选民在不同州的选区重复出现等。 (责编:潘惠文、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章:

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