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Nora CEO Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court, prosecutors recommended the lenient punishment of the 4 defendants – Sohu news Wang Xin (in) et al in the trial. Haidian court for the first time in January this year, Nora and other executives Wang Xin and other companies to spread pornographic items for two consecutive days after the trial, after a lapse of 8 months, yesterday morning, Haidian court hearing the case again. Wang Xin changed on the vestibular pleaded not guilty attitude, said the one-sided understanding of their own before, our software is used to disseminate pornographic video is an indisputable fact, our company did not take effective means of supervision, they should bear the responsibility as CEO. Several other people and Nora company also admitted to the prosecution of the fact that the court will be scheduled for sentencing. The first hearing of the trial period to extend the re inspection involved server Nora case, because the proposed involving four servers seized, the serious defects of custody procedures, and the original data may be affected by the destruction of opinions, the collegial panel considers authenticity identification of samples of doubt, and the evidence for the facts of the case and find out the conviction and sentencing is crucial, so decided to investigate check. Subsequently, the Haidian court commissioned by the state information center, electronic data forensic center to examine the four servers and storage, and the source of cases, involving four servers, storage, transfer, etc. after Wang Xin seized custody of investigation and verification. In addition, because the case involves a wide range of evidence, more significant social impact, the Haidian court extended the trial period to the superior court and the Supreme court. In view of the above facts and evidence for the identification of conviction and sentencing has an important relationship, the court decided in second before the court again held a pre-trial conference, listen to the views of both parties. On Tuesday, the Haidian court held a second meeting before the case. The pretrial conference of discovery of evidence, the case was an important trial procedural matters reached some consensus, the collegial panel decided to resume the investigation in the court hearing again and again the court cross examination. The identification results of the server without external copy into the mark yesterday after the trial began, the court first presented the digital forensic opinions issued by the state information center, digital forensic center, and summoned the appraiser in court. After the defense had questioned the seizure and custody procedures involving server flaws, but eventually the appraisal conclusion is "not found after the seizure modification marks from the outside or copy into". In addition, before the trial, the defense also identified the number and capacity of the hard disk records before and after the opinions of four servers inconsistent question. In yesterday’s trial, the court also issued a report by the Public Security Bureau of Beijing city public security corps working instructions. Note, public security department said that after verification is due to server hard disk technology auditor will not understand, check the hard disk in the server, there will be no logo logo and hard mistakenly believe that the same batch of server hard disk capacity is the same, there is no confirmation again. In determining the number of disk servers can be inserted after the auditor will listen to technical personnel said that each server has a hard disk system, mistaken server has a special system of hard disk, so in the identification of the book describes the number of each server in the hard disk space相关的主题文章:

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