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The United States election the first Cuban newspaper advertising original title: the United States election advertising the first Cuban party newspaper Xinhua news agency, the Cuban Communist Party official newspaper "Granma daily" published the first 21 days of an American Embassy in the ancient. The announcement was made in the early days of voting in the United States by citizens of the ancient United States how to send a letter by mail before the presidential election scheduled for November 8th. A U.S. embassy spokesman that this reflects the progress of the relations between the two countries since diplomatic relations. "The Granma newspaper is often published in other countries," the spokesman told reporters, "now with the embassy, it is possible to do so. We are pleased to publish it in the Granma newspaper." However, the U.S. embassy does not know how many Americans in Cuba in the end. The American government still prohibits U.S. citizens as tourists to visit Cuba, but to allow the other 12 identity to Cuba, including cultural and educational exchanges. In 1961, the United States announced the victory of the revolution two years ago with the Cuban diplomatic relations, and the following year on the implementation of the Cuban economic and financial blockade and embargo. Obama, President of the United States in 2009 after the White House, to improve relations between the two countries. In December 2014, Obama and President of the Cuban State Council, ·, Raul, announced the opening of the normalization of relations between the United States and. In July 2015, the two countries formally restored diplomatic relations and reopened the embassy. But the United States is still maintaining economic sanctions against Cuba, refused to return to the base of Guantanamo, allowing for the propaganda of the ancient anti-government. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章:

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