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A good man and my memory, a common glory called 07 years [Abstract] until now, 07 years his boys after nine years of time has been polished into the experience of men, and that when they crazy we have gone through the most crazy youth. I know miss the commencement, is that most of the female students understand entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong chat gossip ah! The sudden death of the entertainer, Qiao Renliang, made us so sorry that the boy, who was about 29 years old, chose to leave the world in the form of suicide in order to escape the pain of depression. Confirmed at the news of Qiao Renliang’s death, and Qiao Renliang at the same time through the draft 2007 debut of the "hero" of the ten players also have the Bo, said sorry to the dead brother, also called netizens to maintain respect for the dead, do not spread rumors, make a damage thing for the family of the deceased. It reminds us of their deep brotherhood in the 07 draft. 2007 can be called a boy singing the peak year, in addition to the group out of the Oriental TV hero of the 10, and the men out of the Hunan satellite TV (watch) 13 Xiaoqiang, who would later become a mainstay in the entertainment business. Actors such as Jing Bairan, Li Yifeng, Fu Xinbo, Zhang Chao, singers such as Zhang Jie, Wei Chen, sang for people such as Reno Wang, Land Rover, wake up, such as the host Bo Xu Xu, although the development of different directions, but be not of the common sort. But there are also "the same life", many popular players in the game after the development of ups and downs, gradually fade out the entertainment. Today, we will take a look at the young lady to review the development of the 07 year draft debut of the male gods. In fact, as early as in the "hero" of the national top ten votes were found, compared to men focus on the music program set, "My Hero" draft when attention is paid to the comprehensive quality, in other words, it is more like a "Star" program mining. So a good man elected male gods, but there are many are walking on the road performing. But compared to the fame of many stars, good boys career is to go step by step. 07 years of the players, the more successful actor to count Jing Bairan and Li Yifeng. Jing Bairan set up a "BOBO" after the draft and Fu Xinbo, but two years after their respective solo, 12 years officially disbanded. The combination after the dissolution of Jing Bairan’s focus on acting, has starred in "mind", "catch demon", lost solitary applause and popular movies, and his humorous character, Frank Juanxiu Toshiro font also became his adorable little powder. Li Yifeng in his debut after years of silence, but quietly appeared in drama finally gained a lot of popularity, with "Qi Tan" usher in the peak of his career as a husband. Recently, his "Qingyun Zhi", "sparrow" opened at the same time, let the peak become the screen actor. And fellow actors Fu Xinbo and Qiao Renliang was not so lucky, although the works continuously, but there is no water. Qiao Renliang and Xu Lu are the hottest time in the program group CP false married stage, and he development of similar good brother Fu Xinbo also recently participated in a similar program, do not know will not usher in the pinnacle of popularity. In addition to the above.相关的主题文章:

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