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Hubei since September the high temperature precipitation in October will continue – Beijing Jingchu net news (reporter Zhang Cheng) in October 8th September, the Climatic Evaluation of Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the more or less confirms everyone feeling: much less rainfall in the province, Wuhan precipitation history of sixth over the same period; the average of second over the same period in the history of high Wuhan, Huangpi, Hanyang and Wuchang in the history of the monthly mean temperature over the same period, the first second and third. Zhongxiang and other 8 places in the history of rainfall at least Wuhan Regional Climate Center Senior Engineer Li Lan introduction, in September the province’s average rainfall of 55.8 mm, compared with the same period last year, less than 3 of the same period, the same period in the history of less than twelfth. There are 76 stations in the province, there are 31 stations in the last half of the monthly rainfall in the history of the top 5, mainly in the southwest of Hubei Province, Jianghan Plain and Western hubei. Including Zhongxiang, Zhijiang, Changyang, Yingcheng, Suizhou, Jingmen, and other 8 regional Dangyang Dawu rainfall history over the same period last month, such as Zhongxiang only 0.4 mm. Wuhan only 8 mm, less than the same period in the history of less than sixth. Huangpi 11 history of the highest temperature in the province in September the average temperature of 24.5 degrees, 1.5 degrees higher than the normal year, second high history, second only to 1999. In the northwest of Hubei Province, Jianghan Plain and the western part of Hubei northeast monitoring station of the monthly average temperature over the same period ran into the top 5. Among them, Shennongjia, Songzi, Zhijiang, Jujube, Gucheng, Jianli, Xiaogan, Hanchuan, Dawu, Puqi, Huangpi and other places of the 11 month history of the highest temperature. The coolest or Lichuan, the average monthly temperature of the province’s lowest, only 19.5 degrees C. Wuhan is located in Dongxihu national monitoring station, September temperature is only 25.1 degrees, 1 degrees higher than the same period in history, ranked tenth, but the Wuhan Huangpi, Hanyang, Wuchang three national monitoring station data show that the average temperature over the same period in the history of the first, second and third. The precipitation in October will be less than normal high temperature climate assessment is expected, in October the province’s monthly precipitation was 1 ~ 2, Hubei southwest less into about 2, the other big department of slightly less than 1 ~ 2; average monthly high temperature 0.3 to 0.8 DEG C, which in high 0.3 ~ 0.5 deg C and other large areas high 0.5 ~ 0.8 DEG C. October most of the rainfall is too low, the temperature is high, at the same time, in October entered a high incidence of haze in our province, we need to strengthen the haze monitoring, timely carry out haze impact on traffic safety assessment.相关的主题文章:

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