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"Anti-corruption Storm 2" exposure kichiku video Louis Koo magic laughter – Sohu entertainment "white haired brainwashed Yang Guo MV discovered Louis Koo funny magic laughter made the audience laugh [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news the evening of August 23rd, known as the month fox love uncle Ren" friends in B station upload a "" funny ghost animal pornography refused to MV, the MV chose the movie "Trailer picture 2" anti-corruption storm has been released as the elements, with the popular national "KTV" in the divine comedy to pornography, kichiku form the interpretation of the film classic lines and starring Louis Koo magic of laughter, created the comic effect beyond all expectations. The month fox most love Ren uncle "is Louis Koo and Julian Cheung’s loyal fans, and talent with their own creative idol fans work hard crying.     the movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" kichiku MV full "Refusal" brainwashed Divine Comedy pornography as the background, the opening is Julian Cheung Louis Koo’s trial screen tension. However, different from the past, male gods. Follow the rhythm of the music, "rap" and repeated kichiku to create a comic effect, even the ICAC investigation, to disclose "have a different kind of funny charm. After starring in order to funny effects debut, "blind" Sunglasses "black eye’s adorable" fluttering hair Shanhaiguan Yang Guo "and" his twisted face "and other elements of the eye, very happy feeling, popular kichiku the Jacky Cheung expression package also hilarious on-line, staged" refused to yellow "funny drama. The video on-line quickly attracted the attention of netizens, traffic soared, full screen barrage in said "ha ha" look too magic "magic startled!" "6666666" "Louis Koo’s laughter is too evil!" The architect behind MV, was "2" in the "ancient anti-corruption storm CP" fans. Originally, like Louis Koo and Julian Cheung he has always wanted to "film" 2 "anti-corruption storm to make a contribution to raising awareness, as he found that" 2 "anti-corruption storm slogan" in September 15th, it refused to pornography "reminded him of the first name of the Divine Comedy, had the sudden odd thought, with the movie trailer the picture has completed such a out of the ordinary ghost animal MV. "Lu Zhilian Hongkong ICAC chief investigator of anti-corruption Storm 2" tells Louis Koo plays, involved in the investigation together with peripheral horse soccer gambling cases of corruption, and a spate of murders make the case more whirling, and homicide. Julian Cheung and the mysterious killer Zhou Yumin storm, a good and evil contest begins. "2" anti-corruption storm in September 15th will be the Mid Autumn Festival to meet with the audience.相关的主题文章:

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