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What kind of face that bad liver | face | health | liver _ Sina health _ sina.com.cn which was that the liver is not good [review] Yintang black, sallow complexion, body is definitely out of the question; ruddy, refreshing, it is more healthy. In life, a lot of people will be able to roughly determine the health status of similar experience. In fact, we can from different parts of the face color, see the five is healthy. What colors do you have on your face? What color is the color of liver, gallbladder and stomach? How to understand their own health through the color change? "Life times" exclusive interview, "China’s first person in color," Professor Wang Hongmo. After quickly picked up a mirror, look in their own face! Experts interviewed Capital Medical University doctoral tutor, chief physician, vice chairman of the international biomedical feature identification to the king Hongmo complexion can reflect the health status of people, has deep research on traditional Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, "color consultation" is a rigorous but interesting knowledge from different parts of the face color, see the five health. Professor Wang Hongmo told reporters that everyone can know their own health from the color of the face. How people look, 10% was born, the remaining 90% are able to change. Nearly seventy years from Wang Hongmo, looks only in his fifties. From his face, and can fully reflect what he said, "good color should be bright, moist, subtle". The face may have changed, "the Chinese face can be summed up in one word, that is’ red yellow faint’." Why do you say that? Wang Hongmo explained, because we are on both sides of the zygomatic red is more obvious, other parts are yellow. The two colors are alternating, with no clear boundaries. When you change your complexion, you may be sick? He pointed out: the first is complexion becomes too deep or too shallow; the second is the red yellow red faint, suddenly disappeared, all became yellow, yellow or disappeared, turned red; the third is on the face suddenly had no color; the fourth is contrary to the seasonal complexion of normal spring should be omitted summer and autumn green, slightly red, slightly yellow color is slightly gray in winter; fifth there should not appear in the site, for example, should be on both sides of the zygomatic red shift to other sites. The face of these 3 kinds of color, you may not be sick with a light of 3 colors, if suddenly appeared in the face, is the most obvious signs of disease. Wang Hongmo said, they are white, blue and black. 1 white and lung disease, deficiency of the white face, often have anemia. Not only that, but I did not feel strong enough, this is love sweating, blood deficiency and Qi deficiency performance. 2 blue and liver disease, qi stagnation and blood stasis on often describe an angry person, will use the "blue veins burst" and "face green" this kind of word. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver can reflect people’s emotions, so the complexion of the general character of the green man, beware of liver disease. While a bruising, is often caused by hypoxia, blood stasis "相关的主题文章:

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