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3 minutes quick start: how to buy appliances six big day? In the face of quality uneven in quality of home appliances market, we are waiting for the 15 3· once a year; rights to protect their own interests? As soon as possible familiar with a variety of home appliances to buy some of the methods, so that at the beginning of the purchase will be able to identify their own screening? Believe that consumers are willing to choose the latter. We summed up the digital TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, gas cooker six categories of products for consumers to buy. Digital TV: consumers in the purchase of digital TV, we must first determine the size you want to purchase; second is the brand, each brand has its different focus and positioning, the price difference is also great; third is the price, a penny goods, do not blindly believe in the lowest price; fourth is the customer service service. In addition, we should also be concerned about whether it is high-definition TV, with HDMI interface, etc.. Air conditioning: before buying air conditioning, the first problem is to determine the type: how much heat should be cooling, energy efficiency level is more appropriate? In determining what to buy air conditioning the number of horses, not only according to the room size (such as the room in 16 square meters below with a hook, 16~20 square meters 1.5P square meters 21~37 hook, the purchase of 2P, but also consider the ark) toward the room and air circulation condition. Refrigerator: there are a few points we must pay attention to the purchase of the refrigerator, the first is in the selection of volume, volume of general use for each family member to prepare 70-80 liters, then adjust to living habits, economic conditions and housing area. Second is to look at the refrigerator energy efficiency labeling, which will be divided into 1 levels of energy consumption from the refrigerator to the five level, only to reach the level of energy consumption standards for more than 2 belong to energy-saving products, less than the level of 5 are not allowed to sell. Washing machine: buy washing machine must first determine the selection of pulsator or drum, experts have their own strengths, which in the end choose according to their own circumstances, such as wool, silk clothing and more is recommended to buy a drum type washing machine. In addition to attention since March 1st, wave wheel and roller household electric washing machine rated washing capacity on the market for 1 to 13 kilograms, must be affixed with energy efficiency labeling, sales is not allowed without identification. Electric water heater: selection of electric water heater is nothing more than safety, price and energy saving considerations. The first premise is to ensure the long-term use of Water Leakage liner. In addition, there should be anti dry burning, anti – temperature, anti – pressure device, high – grade as well as leakage protection and automatic water off and power off function. In addition, according to the housing situation and the use of habits to choose different volume of water heater. Gas stove: we must first understand their home what is the use of the gas, different gas should be used in different range. Currently on the market a variety of gas stoves, according to their economic conditions, like to buy, buy appliances if there is still in the debugging after removal of fire (flame from burner port of all or part of the phenomenon of left) and tempering (flame combustion in the combustor internal phenomenon) and flame yellowing phenomenon, the stove has quality the problem. Source: Qijia network   Author: Institute of electrical appliances on the extension of Baoshen相关的主题文章:

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