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One day LOOK Zhang Zilin beautiful lace skirt easy picture [Abstract] this summer, every day wear T-shirts and shorts are greasy, try the beautiful fairy fan lace dress! When appear in the lace skirt, the skirt is translucent hollowed out pattern to add a lot of beautiful feeling greasy gentle, relaxed beauty picture, minute gains straight heart. Other planning: Ding Huijiao; photography: white ink; Author: Wang Ling Chinese as the first "Miss World" champion Zhang Zilin, with nine head body in good shape and good clothing has been eye goddess smoke show and street shooting, the goddess who wanted to conceive is the beauty of fried days, from the most beautiful pregnant pregnant mother became hard treasure mom. The new mom happy full comeback after work more charm and flavor, Zhang Zilin in today’s this group of large, simple slim white coat collocation complex beautiful lace skirt, stylish and elegant, easy to match a picture. Shape analysis: white shirt blue lace skirt Tongli Signature; Ermanno Scervino; Delvaux Roger Vivier; high heels each sister paper hearts are home to a small public act, with exquisite luxury Princess dream. Since embracing this dream fine beautiful, how can the lack of aesthetic Xian Fan lace lace embellishment, is a pretty all-match element, or pink, or elegant, or sexy, can dress fluttering fairies grand debut, can also wear charming seaside resort, but also cool and handsome handsome. Lie…… Daily street, simple slim white coat collocation complex beautiful lace skirt, gorgeous and stylish, with classic square package, sister is playing is graceful! Collocation a pair of high heels, legs 2 meters long 8 minutes! Zhang Zilin sexy beauty portrait TIP1: pick up the classic square buckle bag, sister play is low-key elegance! This summer, the heat should be the classic square bag, put it down on the street star trendsetter, always can see its shadow, which can attract numerous film, high popularity. Don’t look at the small package appearance is square, in fact, the whole building full of line design sense, handle and package profile has a wonderful arc design. Luxury leather, exquisite handicrafts, all the way to tell the fashion elite: I play is low-key!" TIP2: wearing greasy T-shirt and shorts, fine lace and crony you beautiful heaven! The scorching summer is the mushroom cool dew leg carnival, every day T-shirt and shorts have been worn? May wish to try the beautiful fairy van lace skirt! When complicated aesthetic lace appear in the skirt, the skirt is translucent hollowed out pattern layer add a lot of beauty feel greasy gentle, neck, arms, lace everywhere easily Meicheng a picture, let Xian Fan full lace skirt off your thin and white legs, sub clock gains straight heart! [single product recommendation]相关的主题文章:

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