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Mine rescue not into his tragic Carnival January 29th at 21:20 PM, after 36 days of rescue, Shandong Pingyi "12, 25" gypsum mine collapse accident, there have been 4 miners were rescued. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Xulei photo original title: mine tragedy into his news: don’t rescue Carnival media reported that records occurred in Shandong Pingyi gypsum mine, after 36 days of hard work, 4 miners trapped underground eventually rescued the wonders of the world ", launched a" Pingyi mine rescue miracle of Shandong post is long before the commemorative postmark. Some users certainly cachet is "a witness" rescue in history, but there are also netizens said that this does not take into account those people still don’t know life and death or have lost loved ones feel". Comment: has been confirmed as man-made Shandong Pingyi gypsum mine, even if successful rescue can not conceal sadness flowing in the man-made, will make up the man-made wonders of the world as rescue practice, the cathedral, the performance means strong, is reminiscent of flow line in the disaster reports that "the families of the victims emotional stability". As long as it is a man-made disaster, no matter how efficient and accurate rescue efforts, are not worth showing off in any form, like it after the construction of the prison can not make up for the lost sheep once again strong mistakes, only deep introspection is the only correct in man-made type. The mine rescue as a man-made wonders of the world, this is obviously to a whoop and a holler, man-made to fill as achievements, mine rescue was full of sorrow as a carnival feast. Although the Pingyi accident, from the county Party Secretary to the deputy governor in charge of all been removed, but still can be seen from the postmark event, thorough removal does not mean dealing with the aftermath of complete end, if there is no thorough reflection of man-made disasters, man-made tragedy will happen again. Editor: Li Qing SN219

矿山悲情救援别成政绩狂欢   1月29日21时20分许,经过36天的救援,山东平邑“12・25”石膏矿坍塌事故中,先后有4名矿工获救。 新华社记者 郭绪雷摄   原标题:矿山悲情救援别成政绩狂欢   新闻:有媒体报道称“为记载发生在山东平邑石膏矿难,经过36天的艰苦奋斗,被困井下的4名矿工终获救的世界奇迹”,山东邮政不久前推出了一款“矿山救援平邑奇迹”纪念邮戳。部分网友肯定纪念邮戳是“救援历史上的一个见证”,但也有网友表示,此举没有顾及到“那些至今还不知生死或已经失去亲人的人们的感受”。   点评:已经被证实为人祸的山东平邑石膏矿难,即便再成功的救援也无法掩饰人祸中流淌的悲情,这种将弥补人祸的救援标榜为世界奇迹的做法,其官腔十足,政绩意味浓厚,令人不禁想到流行于灾难报道中的那句“遇难者家属情绪稳定”。   只要是人祸酿成的灾难,无论救援成果多么高效精准,都不值得以任何形式炫耀,就像亡羊补牢之后,牢修建的再坚固也无法弥补曾经亡羊的错误,只有深刻的反思才是面对人祸的唯一正确方式。将人祸酿成的矿难救援标榜为世界奇迹大肆宣传,这明显就是将人祸的补牢之举当成政绩,充满悲情的矿山救援俨然成了一场狂欢盛宴。   虽然平邑矿难发生之后,该县从县委书记到分管副县长全部被免职,但是从邮戳事件依然能够看出,彻底的免职并不意味着善后处理彻底的终结,如果没有对人祸进行彻底的反思,人祸酿成的悲剧还会再次重演。 责任编辑:李清 SN219相关的主题文章:

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