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The 21 year old girl 8 years Stubbs hair doctor: trichotillomania a British man named Rebecca? 23 years old girl Brown also suffered from trichotillomania, this is the title of the original impulse behavior of a can not restrain your own hair removal: a 21 year old girl, 8 years to pull out hair natural hair loss into Washington a bald man in a minority, they are sad people cannot understand the hairy. However, it is rare for people who deliberately pull out their hair and eventually make their brains barren. Especially young girls who love beauty. Recently, a beautiful girl, accompanied by her mother, went into the psychological counseling clinic of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Hangzhou. The girl was handsome, with a long shawl and a good mental state. Luo Fugang, the psychologist in charge, wondered, the girl shyly took off her wig and exposed her basically bare head. The girl is only 21 years old. She is studying in a university in xiasha. 8 years ago, she had the habit of pulling her hair out. "At that time, schoolwork pressure is heavy, plus all kinds of interest class, training class, the whole person is very irritable, inadvertently pulled out a few hair, unexpectedly, feel comfortable." The girl said, "in this way, whenever you feel the pressure, you will pull a few hair.". "Thinking of hair is still chairman, did not care." At that time, including her parents and her own, nothing was the same thing. Later, the frequency of hair extraction is getting higher and higher, to the end, every night before sleep, do not pull a few hair, you can not sleep. Of course, hair is less and less. Girls go to the Department of dermatology treatment, the doctor said, repeatedly pulling hair, even if a new hair, or will be damaged, and finally hair follicles damaged, it is likely to grow out of hair. Girls, after all, are beautiful, hair less and less, but can not help but pull out, many times she himself cried. A year ago, she had to start wearing wigs. However, even the hair on the wig, she also pulled out. Family aware of the seriousness of the problem, only to take her daughter to see the Department of psychology. In the case of girls, Luo Fugang was diagnosed with hair plucking, a form of impulsive behavior disorder, which showed that people were very anxious and anxious to pull out their hair or hair. After the completion of remission, feel comfortable. Just like smokers, they feel uncomfortable when they’re not smoking, and they’re comfortable after they’re done, which is a mechanism of reinforcement. Luo Fugang explained that the cause of this disease, a large part of the pressure caused. "Like this girl, mother is a teacher, from a young age to strict, more girls to discipline, resulting in emotional changes in girls. At first, she bites her nails, and then she pulls her hair." So, he warned that many children have the habit of biting, biting clothes, don’t let down, it is likely that the lack of a sense of security and confidence, develop may have a mental illness, the need for early intervention. In fact, the same type of people is still ubiquitous in real life. For example, people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, need to repeatedly closed, shut off gas, etc., to make their own peace of mind. According to incomplete statistics, there are hundreds of patients with hair extraction in Hangzhou, 5

21岁漂亮女孩8年拔光满头秀发 医生:拔毛癖 英国一位名叫瑞贝卡?布朗的23岁少女也患有拔毛发癖,这是一种不能克制拔除自己毛发的冲动行为   原标题:21岁漂亮女孩,8年拔光了满头秀发   本报讯 自然脱发变成秃顶的人不在少数,他们的心酸是毛发旺盛的人不能理解的。然而,故意拔头发,最后让脑袋成为“不毛之地”的人还真是少见,尤其是爱美的年轻女孩子。   近日,有个漂亮女孩在妈妈的陪同下,走进了杭州市第七人民医院心理咨询门诊。   女孩长相清秀,一头披肩长发,精神状态也很不错。接诊的心理医生罗伏钢正纳闷,女孩羞涩地摘下假发,露出基本已经光了的脑袋。   女孩只有21岁,现在在下沙某大学读书。8年前,她有了拔自己头发的习惯。   “那时候课业压力比较重,加上各种兴趣班、培训班,整个人很烦躁,无意间拔了几根头发,竟然很意外地,感觉舒服了。”女孩说,就这样,每逢自己感觉压力大的时候,就会拔几根头发。“想着头发还会长,根本没在意。”当时包括父母和她本人,都没有当一回事。   后来,拔头发的频率越来越高,发展到最后,每天晚上睡觉前不拔几根头发就会睡不着。当然,头发也越来越少了。   女孩到皮肤科治疗,医生说,反复拔头发,就算长出了新头发,还是会遭到破坏,最后毛囊受损,很有可能就长不出头发了。   女孩子毕竟是爱漂亮的,头发越拔越少,却忍不住不拔,很多次她自己也急哭了。一年前,她只得开始戴假发。然而,就算是假发上的头发,她也照拔不误。家人意识到问题的严重性,才带女儿来看心理科。   针对女孩的情况,罗伏钢诊断为拔毛癖,是冲动行为控制障碍中的一种,表现为人在非常紧张焦虑的状况下,便无法克制地要去拔头发或者是体毛。拔完之后得到缓解,感觉舒心。就跟吸烟的人一样,不抽烟的时候难受,抽完之后很舒服,这是一种强化机制。   罗伏钢解释,导致这种疾病的原因,很大一部分是压力造成的。“像这个姑娘,母亲是教师,从小要求严格,对女孩管教较多,造成女孩情绪上的变化。刚开始,她是咬指甲,后来才是拔头发。”所以,他提醒,很多小孩子有咬指甲、咬衣角的习惯,千万不要掉以轻心,很有可能就是缺乏安全感、不自信的表现,发展下去可能会有心理方面的疾病,需要及早干预。   其实,同样类型的人现实生活中还是普遍存在的。比如说患有强迫症的人,需要反复关门、关煤气等,来让自己安心。   据不完全统计,杭州有几百例拔毛癖的患者,一般是药物结合心理一起治疗。   本报记者 杨茜 本报通讯员 徐康 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章:

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