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70 mature price index led the way in Beijing soaring prices trend of Beijing Shanghai and Shenzhen is the red sun, always the long run, only too high to be reached. Recently, the National Bureau of statistics released 70 large and medium cities house price index, 70 large and medium cities, the prices of the 51 cities rose. The newly built commercial housing compared with the previous year, 70 large and medium-sized city, the price decline in the city 11, the rise of the city has 58, the city has 1 flat. July, year-on-year price changes, the highest increase of 41.4%, the lowest was down by 3.8%. A second tier city Chinese price trend, first of all, Shanghai is deep red sun forever, the long run, only too high to be reached. These three cities around the city in this price rise is also divided into a cup of soup. Followed by Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen and Hefei, will continue to rise, but the increase narrowed. Finally, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan should have jumped. Beijing west five hill city, under the trend of soaring home improvement preferred to Beijing in 2016 to enter the market of 7 residential land, from the southern Daxing rings to West six ring Mentougou, the floor price has topped 30 thousand, North six ring South Shao floor price of more than 35 thousand, the floor price reached Yanqing 31 thousand, this also means that in 2017 the top luxury market to add some six projects outside the ring. 60 + 100 thousand + top club will also be in Beijing. In this case, not only need to reduce the possibility of home buyers, even the possibility of the middle class want to buy a ring of property has basically not exist. In the Beijing market, meet with rigid improvement needs only a handful of real estate, located in West Beijing five hill city is home to a good choice. As Beijing west some six layers of low density quality villa bungalow, hill city, elegant environment, community with the construction of 2500 square meters of the kindergarten, the high school affiliated to Minzu University of China Fengtai experimental school and separated by a road, within the region more space of hospitals, kindergartens Affiliated Primary School of Peking University, Capital Normal University affiliated primary school, middle school and other schools of Yungang region surrounded by foreign ring, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals and other big 731 Aerospace facilities, so that the owners enjoy life more convenient, with ease. The community volume was only 1.3, private enjoy high rate of greening, 135-160 square meters Sanju four in quality villa landscape Xianfang, 4.5 meters large bay, the master’s hand to create quality villa market. The last 16 seats, Xianfang sale, a strong finish, no miss. Project address: Fengtai Wang Zhen Changqing Road, Nangong sports park on the north side of 100 meters number: 400-819-1111 610325相关的主题文章:

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