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The 99% boys want such a girlfriend you can also be one of   said the 99% boys love girls like to do the housework x   with the baby x   X   show of affection; even the family pet is flat and easy tuning well expressions show the curve of S   the result is that the United States and the United States   however the reality is goose   fat meat it is breathing pain in the body roll back and forth   venchy yoga X in winter to, also indicates that the peak weight rebound buddies are most afraid of coming! So, in addition to the blue tide sister thin, can only go to the gym on the yoga class, the effect is minimal. Is life, reduce weight more than "now being Amway winter easy slim Dafa, tide sister is the way head full of ABS, the flanks and the swan neck loop, not the door, the door will see a row of neat shoe rack, listen to people say that the first step is the liberation of ~ feet Yoga is pure wood the floor, feet on the floor in a moment of deep sleep, weight loss soon ~ although is open in the office, but the beige curtains, windows with bright windows and clean tables, cloth art sofa, store flagship rice, white and green color, tables and chairs are comfortable with simple design. Yoga classroom, hot yoga classrooms and VIP private classrooms, four classrooms, in the air you can practice yoga, Iyengar yoga ball,… Even the dressing rooms, bathrooms, all is fresh art ~ capital yoga teachers are also teachers of senior yoga for more than 8 years of practice, will regularly invite domestic and overseas the teacher taught yoga teaching courses ~ new training and synchronization at home and abroad at the perfect body, deep sleep 90 pounds just waved to me again! Of course, Tide girls are most concerned about the Gas Hei hot yoga characteristic project, autumn and winter comfortably row perspiration was thin many lazy cancer dream!   here is the only room of the high temperature in Zhengzhou has a full import of high-temperature facilities, the classroom temperature at 38 degrees Celsius -40 degrees Celsius, with the extension of the action of the 26, winter slimming want to lazy? Just some simple yoga, a class down, a towel all wet with sweat, the body of small clothes with a wrench outlet. No, it’s not water, it’s sweat! Let’s call to lose ten pounds is no longer a dream ~ in addition to hot yoga, and as early as a few years ago the popular North American air yoga program, because it’s more fun, slimming physiotherapy and decompression effect than ground yoga has been significant, yoga enthusiasts and the international star who sought.   listen to the professional training teacher, special air Yoga hammock make you want to focus on exercise, help to restore the function of the body on the state, especially can feel the strength of contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. With the strength of the arm and spine, but also makes the body more forceful.   the body was improved, the spirit is to more full, yoga is a common concern and study and development of a special tea leisure space. Tired day, sitting on the futon top a cup of tea and chat with friends, scattered people around相关的主题文章:

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