A 51 Wenzhou financial institutions engage in tandem news caused by stomach pain foldercure

A 51 Wenzhou financial institutions to engage in a series of news triggered by the "stomach" Wenzhou banking industry together, it will be against taofeizhai disciplinary action. According to the Wenzhou Daily reported yesterday, the big market, Wenzhou Banking Regulatory Bureau organized the Wenzhou banking Joint Disciplinary taofeizhai and non-performing loans drop will promote the 51 financial institutions in our city signed the "Wenzhou banking Joint Disciplinary taofeizhai jointly maintain social credit cooperative Convention". Wenzhou Banking Bureau Director Zhao Xiule said that this year and strive to annual disposal of non-performing loans amounted to 40 billion yuan at the end of the year, the NPL ratio fell below 3%. Uh, chief Jun for such activities have counterparts in the series is not cold, no good system intention also don’t live independently (99). This Baba to learn a good example, a few days ago, the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s court’s official website published a "sesame credit with debt collection case, a road had thirteen years of hard unremittingly from the beginning of 2003 this year Jiangmou, sesame credit listed as" dishonest people ", eagerly rushed to the court hold the thigh staff" active implementation of models and to pay the costs, implementation costs." A Alibaba can top 51 financial institutions, chief you think this is impossible, but a political, big data lawless plus private enterprise of our personality determines their efficiency. Of course, as a positive energy representative, chief Jun or wish the banks in Wenzhou to the road to success. Some pull away, we turn our attention back to the year this year and strive to the disposal of non-performing loans amounted to 40 billion yuan at the end of the year, the NPL ratio fell below 3%." This sentence. The chief Prince of mathematics is not good, but know the non-performing rate of Wenzhou in late September to the end of the year is 3.13%, if below 3%, also need to dispose of 35 billion 600 million yuan, because after mentioned "the banking non-performing loans 24 billion 700 million yuan, NPL ratio of 3.13%, respectively, representing a decrease of 4 billion 400 million yuan and 0.69 percentage points." This is not to be understood as: 35 billion 600 million yuan (400 – 4 billion 400 million yuan) disposed, only 0.13% (3.13%-3%) of non-performing rate of Wenzhou, the amount is not bad "into a roar" scared Wang Lang. In addition, as of the end of 9, the city’s non-performing loans 24 billion 700 million yuan banking industry, how to dispose of $35 billion 600 million? I think the Banking Bureau data may not have meaning, but the chief Prince did not carry clear. Oh, the chief gentleman thinks of a line in Osero: I understand the ambitions of your words, but I don’t know what you’re talking about Well, we continue to watch the news. The "cooperation Convention", the banking financial institutions joint discipline mainly targeted for the transfer of assets, enforcement, escape and run away, transform subject, false litigation, false guarantee 12 taofeizhai behavior of the parties, will be taken to stop open account, restricting the payment of loans, credit cards, closed closed four disciplinary measures against them. Chief Jun feel that these are only the protection of financial institutions themselves, should be added to a public roll call. Because these subjects must also have activities of daily living, each of those who adhere to the integrity of the people may be hurt, the bank can not be used相关的主题文章:

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