A bowl of mind is how the pot Beijing, exposing non genetic order – Exhibition techniques-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

A bowl of " mind " how is the pot? Jie " non " Beijing Heritage Exhibition techniques in mind – drink, drink the mind. "Three up five when cooked with a lantern to drink the mind." Yesterday, the national non heritage intangible cultural heritage art master Li Chunsheng, display "diet Bazhen Decoction" full of art in Chinese Fu Shan garden. "Bazhen decoction is we often eat brains, because the use of Astragalus, noodle, lotus root, lamb, long yam, Yellow Wine, lees, sheep tail oil, a total of 8 kinds of raw materials, so called" Bazhen Decoction "." A chef’s hat head Li Chunsheng 72 years old, dressed in white, while the stewed mutton fish out, while introduced. 4 hours ago, Master Li has marbled meat, cut into the size of a fist into the water box, astragalus, pepper water, simmer for 4 hours. After he closed the fire, buckle the pot, simmer for 20 minutes. "Don’t underestimate this 20 minutes, braised mutton flavor more thick, taste more cotton." Master Li’s eyes narrowed into a seam. According to legend, the Ming scholar Fu Shan’s mother is old and weak, often sick, Fu Shan under the old mother’s health out of the "Bazhen Decoction" prescription for recuperation, Bazhen decoction has become a manufacturer in Shanxi. Master Li squatting in a large basin, in the hands of the basin clockwise stir, slow, gentle force, like taijiquan. "It is steamed flour, must use cold water mixing into a paste, not a piece of dough." He speaks slowly. There is no fixed standard sticky degree of batter personal feeling. Li Chunsheng is a retired professional chef and Qing Yuan Hotel, dedicated to the production of Bazhen decoction, thick degree of batter, Li Shifu reached out to know a pretty close. The fire again, stewed mutton soup boil slowly, then add white wine, Yellow Wine, lees, will stir the batter sieve, and then slowly to the pot blending. Master Li while blending, while constantly stirring, prevent the pan. The batter and mix mutton soup pot, incense, incense filled the kitchen meat surface. Take an empty bowl, bowl along in the pot for a moment, then hung in the bowl along the batter. "This kind of thick soup becomes." Master Li said, if the batter up the bowl edge that is too thin to batter, batter batter against; if hanging more, that the batter is too thick or inappropriate. Scalded with boiling water into the bowl, after lamb, lotus root, Chinese yam, and then served a tablespoon of batter. After 40 minutes, a bowl of hot soup Bazhen pan. Newspaper reporter Zhao Liang相关的主题文章:

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