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A dove egg and Hetian seed expected what took 1 million 200 thousand these days, just like a "Dove" egg and Hetian seed expected to shoot 1 million 200 thousand news, maxed out jade friends circle of friends. A mere 27 grams of small size seed material, really like the dove eggs almost, by what to sell such a high price? It has been scarce and Hetian seed expected to such an extent, must be more than one hundred times more than gold price can reflect its value? Or, this is a "Chef" Crazy "fry" results? Let’s take a look at the dove egg first. Jade has always been Tian Yuzhong and top grade, this "dove egg" is no exception, can be said to be a whole piece of jade seed material, almost no lock crack, impurities and other defects, the shape is relatively good, but it is rare material has two black coated clear boundary, "Millennium red black million years" well, the big probability indicates that black jade is quite good, its value in the circle is highly recognized, and two black, middle is full of "white" of the so-called "world leather"! The world is a rare black skin; rare; flawless seed material is rare; whiteness, fineness, moisture of the good seed material is rare…… Several "rare" set in a material body, nature also means that there are very rare, very precious. As is not so value 1 million 200 thousand, is also friends Different people, different views., jade public that goes rational woman and she said. A bunch of my friends in the jade, that there is purely speculation, was worth this price: "you think, is 27 grams, at best, is a carved pendant, 1 million 200 thousand plus the corresponding carving, how have 2 million, 2 million to buy a pendant, out of your mind?" The voice of opposition immediately sounded: "who are you so stupid? Used for carving material called ‘do stuff ", carving effect is nothing more than to dig the dirty lock cover flaw, then the whole point of" artistic image ". "Dove made egg" so perfect to carve, what is not stupid? He said "good jade jade carving jade", what good? General quality is good jade, now even people will not take high-quality seed material carving, and "blue dove eggs’!" "Affirmative" "opposition" quarreling day to the peacemaker: "in fact, carved and not carved does not depend on us, but depends on the owner of material. You fuck this time?" Listened carefully, in fact is not really a controversial piece of material, but the material being added value: it is worth 1 million 200 thousand. After the quarrel, jade friends were dispersed. I hurried back home, I can find a similar dove egg material from their own collection, even longer "even" line. Just friends of jade to go in a hurry, it is not difficult to imagine, and I am afraid that I am almost the same. Carry off all that one has to find, but sorry: although some characteristics of the material also pulls out a few pieces, but really looks like "dove egg" is really No. Again, how is it possible to do, but the one and only the people that heard of, or else how can sell 44444 yuan? According to past experience, the general auction market Wei相关的主题文章:

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