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A number of banks in Changsha have suspended their college students’ credit cards, and parents have been authorized to set up a standard part of banks that can run cards. The parents have written authorization to become a standard university in Changsha. (original title: many banks in Changsha stopped college credit card). During the opening season, all kinds of businesses and brands were gathered to promote campus, and compete for students’ consumption market. However, unlike a few years ago that banks were competing to promote student credit cards in Colleges and universities, it is now hard to find a bank to promote credit cards. In September 14th, the reporter visited that, because college students before overdraft consumption disputes frequently, the city banks had stopped college credit card business, some banks even can also improve the threshold. The university campus is credit card promotion for 14 days, the reporter interviewed several students of Hunan University, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha University and other schools, they both said, the new period, campus publicity in the bank stagnation, no credit card promotion. However, the university has realized the payment of tuition through the mobile bank, and the students no longer need to queue up to pay the fee, which is quite convenient. A few years ago, colleges and universities were an important market for banks to compete for credit card business. Several banks go to campus to sell credit cards every time they start school. Why do we collectively disappear today? "Banks have used credit cards on a large scale in schools before, and students without income can easily get credit cards. However, many students have a lack of understanding of personal credit problems, and overdue payment, which leads to a large-scale explosion of credit card bad debts. There are still some people trying to find cards for students in order to earn promotion fees. Some students did not use credit cards, but some students didn’t make use of them. The CBRC has strengthened the supervision of this piece, so the bank has weakened the promotion of student credit cards. Star City, a joint-stock bank staff, currently the bank credit card has bid farewell to "staking" card, pay more attention to the risk prevention and control. If you want to run a credit card, you should first get the "authorized" reporter to consult the customer service staff of several banks. It is found that some banks have suspended the university student credit card now. Even the non stop banks have been very strict in the examination and approval. It is understood that many banks, such as the Bank of communications, the Pudong Development Bank and the CITIC Bank, do not accept the application of college credit cards. Some banks that can also accept the application of credit card for college students have greatly improved their application threshold. They no longer need ID cards or student cards just a few years ago. The need to provide parents’ written authorization has almost become a standard. It is worth mentioning that these banks are generally low in student credit card and overdraft. Most of them are 2000 yuan or 3000 yuan. Some banks have no overdraft quota, so they have to save money before they can pay for credit card, but they can enjoy all kinds of preferences of credit card. "A lot of college students have a lot of discount activities when they see bank credit cards in places such as cinemas, restaurants and other places where they eat and drink." An insider told the reporter. Remind students to campus loan fiery, rational consumption it is worth noting that college credit card no longer, some network lending platform take advantage of a weak point. As a result of a large number of students on the back of a huge debt of debt on the back of the network, the relevant departments have done a lot of renovation on the campus loan. "Now the relevant departments are more and more strict in the supervision of campus loans. Among them, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have issued normative notices. It is expected that more and more local policies will be introduced in the future. Credit card management has reminded people’s livelihood of App card cattle that individual consumption will enter personal credit record, which may have a good faith impact on future social activities such as buying houses and buying cars, so we must be cautious. In the absence of stable income, college students should try to reduce their personal credit. When phasing consumer products are used, we need to consider clearly whether it is necessary and able to make phased consumption, and pay attention to choosing a regular large platform, and choose the best one according to the platform’s installment rate and overdue rate. (Sanxiang reporter Pan Xianxuan)

长沙多家银行停办大学生信用卡 父母授权成标配部分能办卡的银行提高门槛,父母书面授权成标配长沙高校内今年难觅银行推广信用卡现象。(原标题:长沙多家银行停办大学生信用卡)高校开学季,各类商家、品牌扎堆校园进行推广,争抢学生消费市场。不过,与几年前银行争相在高校推广学生信用卡不同,如今校园里已经难觅银行推广信用卡的踪影了。9月14日,记者走访得知,因为之前大学生透支消费纠纷频发,目前星城多家银行已停办大学生信用卡业务,有的银行即便能办也提高了门槛。大学校园里难觅信用卡推广14日,记者随机采访了湖南大学、长沙理工大学、长沙学院等学校的多名在校学生,他们均表示,迎新期间,校园里没有银行在驻点进行宣传,更没有信用卡推广。不过,有高校实现了通过手机银行缴纳学费,学生不再需要去排队刷卡缴费了,方便了不少。而在几年前,高校曾是各家银行争夺信用卡业务的重要市场。每到开学时,会有好几家银行到校园推销信用卡。如今为何集体销声匿迹呢?“银行以前确实在学校大规模推广过信用卡,没有收入的学生也能轻易办到信用卡。但不少学生对个人信用问题认识不足,逾期不还款,导致大学生信用卡坏账大规模爆发。还有一些人为了赚取推广费大肆找学生办卡,一些学生办了信用卡却没使用,因未还年费产生了不良记录,出现了不少纠纷。银监会更是加强了对这一块的监管,所以银行弱化对学生信用卡的推广了。”星城一家股份制银行的工作人员介绍,目前各银行信用卡已告别“跑马圈地”的发卡方式,更重视风险的防控。想办信用卡要先获父母“授权”记者咨询了多家银行的客服人员,发现目前一些银行已停办了大学生信用卡,即使是未停办的银行,在审批方面也已经非常严格。据了解,交通银行、浦发银行、中信银行等多家银行都不接受大学生信用卡的申请。而一些还能受理大学生信用卡申请的银行,申领门槛也大大提高了,不再像几年前只需身份证、学生证即可,需要提供父母的书面授权几乎成了标配。值得一提的是,这些银行发放的学生信用卡,透支额度普遍都低,大多为2000元或3000元,一些银行更是没有透支额度,得先存钱才能刷卡消费,但能够享受信用卡刷卡的各类优惠。“很多大学生就是看中了银行信用卡在影院、餐馆等吃喝玩乐的地方刷卡消费时有众多优惠打折活动。”一位业内人士告诉记者。提醒校园贷火热,大学生要理性消费值得注意的是,大学生信用卡风光不再后,一些网络借贷平台乘虚而入。由于多地发生了学生网络借贷背下巨额债务的事件,有关部门已对校园贷进行了多次整治。“现在相关部门对校园贷的监管越来越严,其中深圳、上海、广州等地已出台了规范通知,预计未来越来越多的地方会出台校园贷的相关政策。”信用卡管理App卡牛的曾民生提醒,个人分期消费会进入个人的征信记录,对未来的购房、购车等社会生活可能产生诚信影响,所以一定要慎重。大学生在没有稳定收入情况下,要尽量减少个人信用贷款。在使用分期消费产品时,要考虑清楚是否有必要和有能力进行分期消费,并注意选择正规的大平台,结合平台的分期费率、逾期费率等情况选择一个最佳的。(三湘都市报 记者 潘显璇)相关的主题文章:

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