A struggling young tragic history Shanghai housing vacant for more than and 10 years to buy Zhejiang musiland

A struggling young tragic history: "Shanghai housing vacant for more than and 10 years to buy Zhejiang real estate — people.com.cn original title: youth struggle Shanghai buy" jeremiad "    the first working day after the national day, Shanghai city is the first day of the full implementation of unified registration of immovable property system, Pudong New Area real estate transactions into the registration hall Pudong popular affairs hall. 10 in the morning, the third floor of the hall and the third floor of the hall is only the number of people queuing up the entire floor will be occupied by the full population of two. The door was not to set foot in cigarette butts. Outside the building, the real estate intermediary looks like a young man holding a cigarette, while chatting with emotion is not easy to make money. An intermediary told Chinese Youth Daily reporter? Youth online, from 5 in the morning when he began lining up "estimation can be done in morning". An interesting phenomenon is that most people do not know today is the first day of the unified registration of real estate in Shanghai. People with speech’s concern is not "real property certificate", but a "tragic history of house". Mr. Zhang is in Shanghai, working in Beijing, arrived early in the registration hall for himself in Shanghai bought a new outer housing formalities, "in March and April last year (per square metre) (twenty thousand yuan) to buy, now 35 thousand (yuan) also can not buy". He said: "whenever I meet the wrong thing at work, I will look at the prices on the Internet, the whole people will be fine." In the hall, the people queuing free chat, China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter heard a comforting words "OK, got the". The most stringent purchase of the new deal after the price is still rising Ms. sun and her husband to relay two people queuing. 7:15 to receive her husband, she ranked No. 142, at about 9 over the succession, the couple two people were queuing in the two and third floor. Ms. Sun told reporters today, go through the line, he will return to the real estate trading center two times, "the program anyway, very troublesome, suffer a lot, but in a good mood. House from 2014 (per square meter) 50 thousand (yuan) rose to $80 thousand (yuan), buy is earned." Ms. Sun told reporters that he was in 2014, to lower than the market price of about 100 thousand yuan shot a set of old house, back loans, bought the new house now, for the children to school. There is no way, can only sell to buy". At that time, Ms. sun has called the "soul" — the old house has been a bad shot, seeing the new house in 100 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan a week rose up the price. "If it weren’t for the kids, I wouldn’t buy it." Ms. sun was a fortunate cruel at no homes, high priced purchase of new houses, because now the new house to buy "too much of the value". One way to stride forward singing militant songs of Shanghai residents, young people in Shanghai love hate". A young man in the trading center on the spot with the landlord of the transaction, to the side of the house "as intermediary Tucao neuropathy as rose", as he quickly to the landlord’s bank card transfers the first payment of about 1000000 yuan. In March 25th this year, Shanghai housing prices skyrocketing, Shanghai municipal government introduced the history of the most stringent restriction policy. Foreigners)相关的主题文章:

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