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After the reform movement of 1898, German reporter Li Hongzhang [Abstract] the reporter: "why do you lose the trust of the emperor?" Li Hongzhang: "I was accused of too much interest to foreigners, said I was a traitor." When Li Hongzhang said this, there was a spasm in his face. In the "traitor", he gave a derisive laugh. Figure: Li Hongzhang and Bismarck photo appeared in the literature in the late Qing Dynasty "German Beijing", Fujian Education Publishing House reporter: Gao Deman (Paul Goldmann), interview time: October 26, 1898 Venue: Beijing. This is a vivid and the content of the interview, we can not only see what Li Hongzhang thought of China was from the domestic and foreign affairs, you can see the foreigners view on political situation and then Chinese from the side, so this interview is very rare historical records. The German legation for me to ask Li Hongzhang for the interview I heard that he had promised. Even so, I’m not sure whether he will really receive me. Now the politicians of Chinese lest Europeans shunned, not to mention the European press! If you know a European reporter in his house around, he must give the door and a door bar. No one knows what will happen, because his shoulder head is not safe, must carefully avoid let slip, otherwise it will happen things off. It seems that Li Hongzhang is still the only person who is not afraid. He answered the legation, the next day you can see. This is the day when the European army is to enter Beijing. Just as we are ready on time for an appointment, a letter sent to us, this letter is Li Hongzhang drafted, said sorry, Li Hongzhang had to have a fever today, miss. A China dignitaries in Beijing this day. Have a fever in Europe army is completely understandable. This series of things, seems to be a typical Chinese style. Li Hongzhang promised to accept the call, because he did not want to appear rude; but he really want to avoid, so at that time, just happened to be sick. However, the development of things make us realize that Li Hongzhang belongs to the few types of Chinese people. A few days later, he no longer had a fever, so he asked for an appointment. The German legation Mr. Gls kindly accompanying me. Mr. Gls was one of the most important experts sent by the Empire. He studied Chinese knowledge that made all of Europe’s brains hurt during his tenure. He became a fresh, charming and noble man. There is such a translation in a conversation with Li Hongzhang, it was a rare opportunity, he can give you say, with Chinese expressed all threads neatly tied up, but the answer is not to mind taking the trouble accurately reporting. Each of us has a car — that no spring Beijing carriage, numerous potholes and gravel road will rebound into the flesh, this is the most terrible torture of human invention. Embassy driver jumped on the magnificent sky blue silk covered cart, riding a horse Chinese servant behind. From the legation street, turn right, walk a direction to appreciate the broad road, and then turn to the right, through a very narrow alley, after half an hour,.相关的主题文章:

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