Ang Lee optimistic about the Chinese film market thanks to the film Bureau Feng Xiaogang

Ang Lee optimistic about the film market Chinese Feng Xiaogang thanked the film Bureau Sina entertainment Ang Lee, Feng Xiaogang, Jia Zhangke [micro-blog] [micro-blog], in addition to the three directors in their respective fields have achievements, there is one thing in common: is "king of gold sentence". Three the king together, the dialogue is very interesting, every minute there are bright spots. This is also a film and film people sincere exchanges, the conversation down, not a word about the "box office", "IP" the most popular hot words, some of them only for their own creation back and share, as well as the film itself thinking and outlook. Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang, although their new movie will file in November but the two directors of diamond cuts diamond, still sitting together, laughing, this is presumably the director of tolerance and style. This magical activity was held at Tsinghua University in late November 7th "our first" dialogue, dialogue between Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang, Jia Zhangke served as the guest host. Not much to say, today the only talk has been collated on the dry cargo, below. Topic 1: why do you choose to break through? Ang Lee: take 120 seconds to explore characteristics of Feng Xiaogang Digital Cinema: circular screen more absurd, more China Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang, two seemingly different writing style, in fact, have something in common. They all began to film director road at the age of 36, at this stage they achieve success and win recognition, choose a new challenge — Ang Lee filmed the world’s first 3D, 4K, 120 frames per second format of the story "Billy Lynn" Feng Xiaogang is a bold break, with a circular composition make a very classical implications of the modern movie "I am not Pan Jinlian". Why do you want to try it for the first time. Director Ang Lee said, "I finished filming" life of Pi "after the first contact with the 3D, the past stick with film, not on digital movies a little feeling. But after the film, found a lot of things on the right, there are some problems, so I want to find a solution…… In essence, 3D is not the same as 2D, but now we shoot 3D, the brain is 2D. 3D should have its own thing, digital film itself has its own characteristics." Feng Xiaogang also explained why he used circular composition: "structure of the novel, inspired me, this novel sequence of ten words, there is only a few thousand words. I find it very interesting, I want to increase the sense of absurdity, and make the story very chinese. Because Li Xuelian on this matter, only can occur in China." "When you decide to take a picture of the circle, slowly into the deep, and found that all the details have changed, the composition can not be in accordance with the traditional way of composition. I want it to have a Chinese painting taste, so it reduces the screen, play loose." Topic two: new roles? Feng Xiaogang: no close-up, let Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] became Li Xuelian Ang Lee: multi features, high frame rate presents rich and delicate feelings at the scene, Jia Zhangke jokingly asked Feng Xiaogang: in order to meet)相关的主题文章:

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