Anhui introduced the country’s first local regulations to rule over the multisectoral containment pr

Anhui introduced the country’s first local regulations to rule over the multisectoral curb disease Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (News) "only more than two years, our province truck overloading rate from 4% down to 1% below, the basic curb overloading of the" ills "spread trend, mainly due to the introduction of the regulations to rule over the two years ago." Deputy director of the Provincial Department of transportation said Jiang clan in our province, break out a new way to treat. I like the minister issued regulations in 2000 began to rule over, but the effect is not ideal. The main reason is that the existing rule over the normative documents formulated by the Department of transportation, the Department of basic "alone", it is difficult to form a joint force. In view of this, in June 1, 2014, the province introduced the first specifically for the formulation of the rule over the local regulations — "Anhui Province governance overload of cargo transportation vehicles regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the "Regulations" clearly the main responsibility of the county government, out of focus on remediation, governance, governance system source linkage "prescription", provides a strong legal protection for overload. According to the Anhui rule over creative exploration has also been fully affirmed by the Ministry of transport. When he was Minister of transport Yang Chuantang instructions: (Law) perfect rule over the work responsibility system, increase industry behavior by government behavior, from the situation, effect, worthy of recognition." Jiang said the patriarchal force rule over the curb problem, "Regulations" after the implementation of the joint linkage rule become the norm, "traffic and public security departments linkage controlling normalization, flexibility and high efficiency, and through concerted efforts, strengthen the source of governance, promote technology governance, greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment." The implementation of the "Regulations" for two years, the province has dealt with the overloading of vehicles 165 thousand and 100, unloading the goods about 2 million 600 thousand tons, which dealt with the total weight of goods vehicles over 75 tons or over standard 100% 2571 vehicles. Investigate and deal with illegal modification of vehicles 10327, revocation of business license, vehicle operating permit, a total of 2550. The truck overloading rate from 4% drop to below 1%, the rate of traffic accidents decreased by 12.1%, mortality decreased by 8.74%, without serious accident due to overloading of vehicles caused by transportation, roads and bridges and other infrastructure have been effectively protected. Jiang Zongfa said that the two years I rule over the province to achieve the "three transformations", namely the transition from separate department overload to comprehensive governance, the government is responsible for controlling the basic system; change from the control of the road to comprehensive supervision, joint law enforcement has become the norm; the transition from human to rule over the technology governance, supervision level and work efficiency increases. Fang Qiang Bao Shuangxing Xin’an evening news, Anhui network reporter Liu editor: Wang Cui相关的主题文章:

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