Beast to join the war of power as the father of alternating current jslottery

The "beast" to "power" battle as the father of Holt is expected to join AC power "battle" Tesla and Edison is the first half of the friends after half a lifetime of rival Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 14th news, according to foreign media reports, Nicholas · Holt (Nicholas Hoult) is expected to join the Weinstein company Toupai new power "war" (The Current War), will be played by the famous scientist Nicola · in the film; Tesla (Nikolai Tesla). "Power battle" by Weinstein Toupai, the story is set in nineteenth Century, is the story between Edison and WestingHouse two power industry giants dispute. Edison invented the DC, WestingHouse founded the Westinghouse Electric will introduce high voltage AC transmission system of the United States, breaking the monopoly of the DC, the dispute between the two companies is not only reflected in the stage, behind the scenes, but there is a lot of secrets. When the British actor Benedict · Conboy Baki (Benedict Cumberbatch) has been determined to join the film, will be played by Thomas · in the film; Edison (Thomas Edison), acting star Michael · (Michael Shannon); Shannon is played by George & middot; WestingHouse (George Westinghouse), the founder of the westinghouse. It is worth mentioning that Holt’s may be more eye-catching than Edison Tesla, westinghouse. Tesla first worked for Edison, after he invented AC Edison was out, so he resigned to join the westinghouse. With "X" X-Men series, "crazy Max" (Mad Max: Fury Road) and other works, Holt has also won a space for one person in the Hollywood, a major part of Holt and the "Sherlock" of the two British men of God cooperation is the film. (West) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章:

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