Beijing, a total of 18 million 10 thousand straight public housing will increase the illegal sublet running man20130526

Beijing Zhiguangongfang 18 million 10 thousand level will increase the clean-up of illegal sublet [Abstract] according to the municipal development and Reform Commission, the city is now a total of 18 million 10 thousand square meters Zhiguangongfang, which accounted for 84% of the six districts of the city, Sidaluanjian, sublease drewdown serious phenomenon according to the city development and Reform Commission, the city is now a total of Zhiguangongfang 18 million 10 thousand square meters, of which six areas of the city 84%, Sidaluanjian, sublease drewdown phenomenon is serious. Currently, the Municipal Construction Committee is taking the lead in the development of reform ideas, the public will be more concentrated in the city of six districts will develop work programs to promote institutional innovation, revitalize the stock of resources. Dongcheng District, a street survey shows that 30% of its direct public houses to live in the low-end practitioners are 40%. At the beginning of this year, Dongcheng District mayor Li Xianzhong proposed to focus on ease of non capital function Zhiguangongfang problem. Two days before, Dongcheng District has started Zhiguangongfang sublet lent centralized clean-up campaigns, refused to rectification will lift the "public housing lease contract", to recover the housing. According to the preliminary investigation in Xicheng District, West Fourth North headlines, three communities, 378 households were found to sublease lend, lease more than 22% households accounted for; in Tieshu oblique street community, found sublease lent 351 households, accounting for nearly 28%. The estimated Zhiguangongfang illegal sublease lent ratio is about 25%, and in the bustling commercial district of Houhai, Dashanlan, public houses by the sub tenant far exceeded this proportion also phenomenon. In Dongcheng District, the existing Zhiguangongfang 57909 households, the existence of the lessee sublease lent a total of 6933 households. Dongcheng District Housing Authority official said, long-standing Zhiguangongfang sublet lent phenomenon, mainly caused by the sublease lent is leased Zhiguangongfang low rent, sublet profit. Insiders said that in 2000 before the public house rent per square meter to 8 cents in 2000, after the adjustment of cottage 2 yuan per square metre per month, 3.5 yuan building, with 10 square meters, residents need to pay 20 yuan per month, 240 yuan a year, but leased out monthly rent of 2000 yuan, the annual income is 24 thousand yuan. In addition, family separation phenomenon, the floating population, the cause of housing demand is Zhiguangongfang sublet lent. Zhiguangongfang and illegal sublease drewdown, is mainly used for living or Chaigai for the operation, and open the wall holes of illegal business and from causing serious nuisance and environmental pollution, there is security, fire and other safety hazards, affect the living security environment of the indigenous peoples in Xicheng District, Tong linge road that is less than 2 km road, a total of 71 "open hole wall" shops, 42 of which are public housing and property unit. The day before, Xicheng District and Dongcheng District has started Zhiguangongfang sublet lent clean-up campaigns to focus, in order to find out the illegal sublease lent, establish cleanup and remediation ledger, to terminate the illegal sublease lent behavior of the lessee or tenant will be interviewed, in line with the conditions of filing the lawsuit to the people’s court, to recover the house. For illegal construction, change the use of unauthorized use, illegal operations involving low-end formats of public houses, will conduct joint law enforcement, the termination of its violations. Data show that Dongcheng District has accumulated Dragon相关的主题文章:

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