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Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese Museum of ancient brick on brick legend China Museum of ancient brick on brick legend [comment] Jiangsu province Jinxi town known as the "seventy-two kiln", in the town, there is a called the China exquisite beyond compare ancient brick Museum, the museum’s collection of all kinds of brick, tile and other cultural relics. Recently, the reporter visits this antique brick museum. [comment] Jinxi the brickmaker about family workshops began in the early Ming Dynasty, in the kiln, to the Qing Dynasty to its peak stage, specially ordered for the Royal "BRIC" is the only private, Jiangnan kiln ruins. On the scene saw the collection of nearly 10 pieces of different sizes of the custom of the "BRIC", the size of the shape of a square. The same period [] (China ancient brick museum staff Wu Xianhua) the "BRIC" it is to be used under the Taihu silt do, burning out the brick ten bricks in only two or three pieces is good, so this product is relatively low, plus we have shipped to Beijing in a long way, so when the money this brick is also very expensive, then there is "one or two golden brick". The same period [] (visitors Ms. Wang) here (visit) still have a heavy sense of history, to see the kind of process, the BRIC is a thought of the wisdom of the ancients, and the fruit of labor, is really not easy. [interpretation] and the appearance of a gray brown rectangular stone is the most prominent, Wailimian depicts a large number of square or diamond, distinctive, in the shape of the stone inside the stone is hollow. According to the China ancient tile museum staff, this is extremely rare "Qin brick". The same period [] (China ancient brick museum staff Wu Xianhua) it is the "Qin" piano, "Qin" is not that of the Qin Dynasty, this brick has more than 2300 years, it is in the Western Han Dynasty at that time, is placed in a tomb inside, known as the "Tomb brick", the bricks are hollow and put the lime and then placed in the tomb inside, can play a role of moisture. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people used to put the piano. [comment] in addition, the scene and every kind of brick and tile engraved with some cultural relics, birds and beasts, some emblazoned with the palm of the hand, novel and chic, all about China traditional architectural aesthetics story, inheriting the Millennium culture. At present, the museum is the first in China, about more than 1 thousand and 500 pieces of cultural relics collection. Reporter Ge Yong Jiangsu, Nanjing reports相关的主题文章:

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