Bian Yufang articles Japanese Cultural Studies the first book how to teach youth patriotism – Readin sweets parade

Bian Yufang articles Japanese Cultural Studies "the first book" how to teach youth patriotism – study, Beijing in August 29, in the book world once a year event — Beijing International Book Fair, the famous essayist Yufang Bian "culture" prose "blockbuster giant Japanese" true colors "from the" old country the agency, the grand launch of Lijiang publishing house. Bian Yufang, born in 1944 in Jiangsu, graduated from Peking University and Chinese Cass graduate school, studying Japanese to work early, international news, long service in the "Economic Daily", "people’s Daily", in 1991 to join the Chinese Writers Association since 1995, is committed to the prose creation, his prose "realm of high, wide vision, cross large, deep emotion", is a rare "culture" literary prose, the "Nan Yu (Yu Qiuyu)" Bei Bian ". "Japanese" true colors "is the author of many years of painstaking Cuilian and heavy work. Recommend people gathered in the literary circles, the media, academia’s top team: "people’s Daily", the former deputy editor Zhou Ruijin, Chinese Writers Association Deputy Secretary of the party, Chinese prose Association Wang Jucai, a famous contemporary writer, Shandong Writers Association President Zhang Wei, the famous Chinese scholar Zhu Jianrong in Japan, Shizuoka culture professor emeritus of the University of the Arts Ma three Yang Qingting, a famous writer, calligrapher, the book also included a special piece of calligraphy, is a famous calligrapher, vice chairman of the Shandong Provincial Association of book excerpts from Zhang Zhongting. Therefore, this new book for cultural, literary and art circles, even in both academic circles, has an important value and weight, which is interdisciplinary and even cross national and cross-cultural Works Department, a vivid description of love between China and Japan in the history of the relationship between. Emotional history, how to explore a sub culture between the country culture evolution history of intersection collision. Historical stories, cultural anecdotes, folk customs, art appreciation, a Ruchuan Jubi aspect and writer, Ambilight, Mt Fuji, Rock Island fully and delightfully; flow, Taijae Ji, Kawabata Yasunari, Oe Kenzaburo…… Xinshou to smallpox fall, clear sharp, full of wit and humour, for cultural gene, cultural characteristics of the Japanese nation, gives a comprehensive and profound analysis and outline. It can be said that this is the Chinese literary field of Japanese culture, the first book, the Chinese version of "chrysanthemum and the sword," the Encyclopedia of Japanese culture. To understand the depth of the Japanese culture the majority of young artists, "Japanese" true colors "" is "one in the hand, and not much else, it is also a hot blooded youth patriotic reading book. It will tell us generations of patriotic enthusiasm of youth, not blindly boycott and hatred, true patriotism, is to respect, understand and learn other civilization, even their opponents, as depicted in the book, once as a subsidiary of the country Chinese of Japanese culture, it is in full respect, understanding, learning China basis, have the ability to become China rivals. Stand in the two ethnic, historical and cultural point, guiding people to rebuild civilization, to reshape the national self-confidence — 100 years ago, Lu Xun proposed a great teaching culture master Chinese national self)相关的主题文章:

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