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Budget 3000 yuan to buy what high-end smart phones in China with the development of science and technology, the improvement of living standards, high-end mobile phones gradually life. 2000 yuan -3000 yuan in high-end smart phones more and more people to provide more optional. High-end configuration, stylish, more humane of operating system, will undoubtedly become the people purchase standard. Today, Sina mobile phone to introduce several high-end smart mobile phone, hoping to provide some reference for everyone to purchase. ZTE 7 MAX (ZTE secret parameter quote forum software) at the end of October, ZTE CAIA Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing held a "real as you see" media tasting, the site launched the naked eye 3D experience mobile phone — the secret 7 MAX. As the first to use the original experience of the naked eye 3D to mobile phone manufacturers, ZTE can be described as open a new era of naked eye 3D. Click the picture to see the ZTE 7 MAX ZTE secret details secret ZTE 7 MAX using 6 inches 1080P resolution 3D screen, the surface is covered with a 2.5D curved glass, very narrow frame design, accounting for 84% of the screen; the machine is equipped with a frequency of 625 2.0GHz snapdragon processor, combined with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage fuselage built-in 4100mAh battery, support; QC3.0 fast charging; equipped with dual 13 million pixel rear camera and a 13 million pixel front camera operation; MiFavor UI 4; support the full Netcom 4G dual card dual standby single pass; support HiFi sound and SmartPA+ Dolby panoramic sound +BOX integrated sound cavity. Click the picture to see the 7 ZTE ZTE secret MAX detailed information security official, ZTE secret MAX 7 support hardware fingerprint biometric to vein 4, depth analysis of fingerprint, finger skin color and heart rate signals. On the bare machine is the biggest bright spot in the eyes of the 3D, said ZTE is the only global manufacturer in cooperation with the whole industry chain 3D kangdexin, using the 6 core technologies for the new machine tailored 7 core APP, including eye tracking, 3D video enhancement technology, 3D image enhancement, image video 2D 3D real time conversion, 3D FrameView and 3D game engine. ZTE secret ZTE 7 MAX reference price: 2999 yuan hammer M1L Standard Edition (parameter quote forum software) new conference can be seen from the hammer, the hammer M1L is indeed a good mobile phone, mobile phone configuration as the traditional hammer weaknesses in the latest products achieved by leaps and bounds, and the latest Smartisan OS 3.1 bring many exciting features, the hammer team also borrow the new release, all began to mature. Click the picture to see the details of the standard version of the hammer M1L hammer M1L with 5.7 inch screen, using SHARP 2K, equipped with a frequency of 2.35GHz quad core snapdragon 821 processor, integrated Adreno 530 graphics相关的主题文章:

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