Buy a cup of 2.5 yuan Soybean Milk by four to five homes received 3 yuan and customer complaints

Buy a cup of 2.5 yuan Soybean Milk by four to five homes received 3 yuan of customer complaints and nanguojinbao reporter Liao Yanming correspondent Mai Lin shopping people often encounter such a situation: payment at the end of a few cents by four to five homes. Recently, Liuzhou citizens Ms. fan can buy a cup of 2.5 yuan Soybean Milk, has also been four to five homes received 3 yuan. The last business not only an apology and compensation for 5 yuan. In September 11th, Ms. fan to Liuzhou Yintai shopping mall shopping, see the negative on the first floor of a shop city delicacy to engage in promotional activities, Soybean Milk price 5 yuan, only half price promotions. She bought a cup, took out 5 yuan to the waiter, the waiter was only made up of $2. Ms. fan thought the waiter made a mistake, the waiter said boss charges by four to five homes in calculation, buy two cup 5 yuan, only buy a cup to receive 3 yuan. Because of promotions leaflets did not explain, she argued, the waiter said the boss still not ready for the 5 corners of the change, not zhaobu. Some money into five Sishe excusable, 5 horn money should be four to five homes? Encountered such a wonderful situation, she would like to get angry, then call 12315 complaints. In order to help consumer rights, in September last year, Liuzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in large scale, and the sale of goods are closely linked with the people at the mall, the establishment of the "12315 consumer disputes corporate train". There are specially trained staff members responsible for the mediation of consumer disputes. And intime city is one of the members of the train. After receiving the complaint, the 12315 center will be transferred directly to intime City, intime city immediately sent someone to deal with. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that, after mediation, merchants realized his mistake and apologized to consumers, apology, and compensation for Ms. fan 5 yuan; in addition intime city with a blue and white porcelain bowl with another suit, as an apology. 12315 center responsible person, last year, the first batch of 12315 consumer disputes through the enterprise member units of a total of 16, this year, an increase of more than 8. The establishment of the system, both to save administrative costs, but also to resolve consumer disputes at the source, to better help consumers rights.相关的主题文章:

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