Cao Dewang analysis of the going out mentality understanding, trust, respect, responsible for the

Cao Dewang analysis of the "going out" mentality: understanding, trust, respect, responsibility – indispensable Beijing new network in Fuzhou in October 8, (Long Min) for Chinese enterprises how to go out? The well-known entrepreneur, Fuyao Group Chairman Cao Dewang to the group’s 23 year history that investment in the United States, understanding, trust, respect and responsibility is an indispensable resource for international investment. Fuyao Group (full name of Fuyao Glass Industry Group Limited by Share Ltd) was founded in 1987 in Chinese registered in Fuzhou, is a professional production of automotive safety glass and glass industry technology of Sino foreign joint ventures, large multinational industrial group is also worthy of the name of the. Local time on October 7th in Dayton, Ohio in the United States, the world’s largest automotive glass monomer plant by Fuyao Group investment formally completed and put into production. Fuyao Group completed in the Dayton factory ceremony, review the investment process, as long as 23 years of the United States Cao Dewang pointed out that Chinese enterprises to invest abroad should be cast to the host country of the people responsible and respect. But Fuyao Group going out but the journey is not smooth. Cao Dewang recalled that in 2002, just intoxicated in the United States to get a better return on investment efficiency of joy, the U.S. counterparts will be all China’s auto glass companies to court on the grounds of anti-dumping. Cao Dewang said, it is in the spirit of understanding, trust, respect, and responsible attitude, Fuyao Group provides enough information to the court, and invited the relevant advisory bodies, to cooperate with the United States government survey, after three years of efforts, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court final judgment in 2006, won the lawsuit. Not only won a lawsuit, with complete information, and transparency in the industry’s influence, Fuyao Group also received the U.S. understanding, has won numerous global automotive manufacturing plant identification, was selected as the OEM supplier. Since 2005, Fuyao has Audi, Volkswagen, GM, TOYOTA, Benz, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai and other car manufacturer OEM facilities, since the company embarked on a rapid and healthy development of the road. Cao Dewang analysis, Fuyao Group as the largest global Dayton factory the same industry, the American people understand and trust and the Fuyao Group for all aspects of support and help, to provide a variety of convenience for the project construction, to create necessary conditions for the completion of the Dayton Fuyao Group factory. Cao Dewang said, Fuyao Group will redouble our efforts, with better products and services to support the development of the automobile industry, and bring more economic benefits of development for the investment community and people. "Success will Fuyao project investment in the United States to encourage more enterprises to invest in the United States Chinese." Cao Dewang such as expression. (end)相关的主题文章:

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