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Celebrity calligraphy: who who handed the shovel digging Tianjin daily Zhou Fankai that day to watch TV news, said an old man, because some idle money, and joy collection, will try to buy a celebrity pictures, this test does not matter, then a stampede in painting and Calligraphy Association operating agencies and ten, and are passionate about some even, direct door-to-door service. But the old man is not good at calligraphy, a few rounds down, will let people fooled confused and disoriented, stop, a piece of land to buy a lot of. The old man believed, anyway, those in the hands of the expert appraisal certificate, black and white, not a big mistake! Suddenly one day, the old man needs a lot of cash, think of those who were promised door-to-door service to buy his works can be high recovery, then a home to find out, but those people are not claiming is like a clay ox entering the sea, can only help him auction. Auction on the auction, it can be replaced by cash. The old man is pleased that this time, there are a lot of auction agencies to come to help him, but this help to pay some price, is to pay an expensive appraisal fees. On pay, we can not let people follow the white busy! So the old man to pay a few million yuan, make a mechanism identified, they say you are in big color, only the genuine worth millions, if the auction, according to the provisions for a commission together live. The old man was very excited, all of its collections are funded so that they re identified, sad reminder is that the last people told him that all of his collection of unsold, of course, there is an opportunity to participate in the auction, no charge. At this point, the old man not only lost their life savings, but also in debt, borrowing has reached millions of dollars. It’s a true story that feels cold. That night, in thoroughly insomnia, not in the depth of night changing TV channels, adjust to change, I have some anger. In fact, the old man of fortune, we have already said It is quite common for, or lost the strength to get angry. Not someone say, poor people must be hateful, these people are deceived, because greedy and dissatisfied lost home base, and is entirely to blame. Is it that simple? Look down on why the anger from the heart! The old man’s experience of being cheated, is a television station in news programs with great sympathy tells the story, but it is precisely this station, in a subsequent period, can’t stop playing the promotional advertising works of calligraphy and painting. Advertising claims that they are the National Museum of calligraphy and painting collections, there are a lot of calligraphy and painting of the signing of everyone, in line with the purpose of cultural Huimin, special free masterpieces. So where is the address of the museum? Search the Internet, there is no relevant answer, only with a red dot of the Chinese map, and said the more than and 20 cities in China, you can find the museum branch. This will make some suspicious, not only suspicious, also preliminary determination, the so-called Museum, but is the work of a bogus company. Take a look at the contents of this ad, we can generally find the old man cheated above the answer. Advertising as a male and a female old duet, said before 20 spectators into the phone, can receive a 10 China painting Maestro successor of the newspaper相关的主题文章:

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