Chen Guangbiao Jocie Guo today, like yesterday

Chen Guangbiao today, like Jocie Guo yesterday [Abstract] in power under the shade of charity charity Chen Guangbiao reached the ship to sea, just a prop personal purpose. When the mass consciousness to be played, as he had done some charity stories will be forgotten, the most ugly parts will be completely lashing. Author: Yao Yao (Tencent · US columnist) in 2013, a central media before the party, a flat fat middle-aged man with big eyes and bushy eyes to the scene at the assistant escorted. He quickly after admission and steady straight to the dressing room to the house attracted actresses exclaimed. Assistant to explain to the people around unhurried, it is also to show the guests. This is Chen Guangbiao, the enigmatic man from time to time to manufacture all kinds of gimmicks, put themselves under the focus of public opinion, get both praise and blame. On the night of the show, he sang the song singing liberal and dignified, when the eyes do not forget to take care to every corner of the hall. After the end of Chen Guangbiao’s involvement, he left the scene with a polite smile. Such an unexpected link into the party, according to the explanation, this is a leading greeting arranged on request. The life of Chen Guangbiao met, like the stage and dedicated Cameo actor. He worked hard on the stage of the spotlight and put into the show, in good faith to be touched. The curtain falls, the end of the show, back to the reality of the moment, the audience could not help but return to God, always feel there is inadequate performance. News data: June 2014 Chen Guangbiao in the streets of the United States to send money to the poor. Chen Guangbiao long-term exposure in the media, but has always been a lack of detail. The lack of details, the more Aura, more like a doll, instead of being true to life. All his show to the outside of the big show, such as flying stone, only outline the concept only, only the symbol, common ideal look to the extreme, unfolding, the details will continue with common sense of conflict. In Chinese active entrepreneurs happy in doing good, but he is only the most mysterious, the enterprise scale how much money can make nothing of it, digital overtaking. The concentration of the best elements of the whole world, but the story of the logic series is not round, like the Chinese Romance Drama, the actor could make a living hand must splurge can make nothing of it. The series is not round the story, always loopholes appear one after another. There are really ready to give the media charity awards Chen Guangbiao, but the reporter tried to piece together all the contributions of the bill, the total amount is far less than the total number of donations known as Chen Guangbiao. There are flaws in the story, serious media and journalists digging, but ultimately only limited reporting. After the investigation, Chen Guangbiao’s reporter received a death threat. Behind the veil of whirling, Chen Guangbiao continued to show his own body. The answer will reveal the moment, Ling Jihua was a month after the court sentenced to life imprisonment, the police seized 170 fake seal in Chen Guangbiao company. Another month later, the media reported heavy reports, a thorough break for the mystery of Chen Guangbiao’s tip, the history of the history of his business and the past of his high-profile charity performances behind the fine of the.相关的主题文章:

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