Chengdu city is at the scene sanitation workers dragged across the lane was reinforced insurance (vi mide-031

Chengdu city is at the scene: sanitation workers dragged across the lane insurance was reinforced yesterday at 8:45 in the morning, the Beltway (micro-blog) to the South Chengdu overpass overpass Road, Wu people met at the scene. I’m driving in the lane, the vehicle speed of 120 km, suddenly found in front of about 60 meters, a man wearing orange vests with two staff about four or five meters across the road to the old reinforced high-speed green belt beside." Mr. Wu immediately stepped on the brakes, turn right at the wheel, the overtaking lane into the middle of the main road, avoid the sanitation workers, but the pressure to the wheel or a steel. And the whole process is recorded on the car recorder. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters saw from the video provided by Mr. Wu, the sanitation workers left holding two four or five meters of old steel, right hand holding a big pocket, quickly through the highway, relying on the green belt to avoid. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the responsible for the Beltway cleaning work of Chengdu elegant Property Management Limited, the person in charge of the company responsible for the raochengdong work revealed that the video across the sanitation workers not employees of the company should be foreign sanitation workers pick up near the old bar to sell, without authorization in high speed. Chengdu Daily reporter Zhang Zhaoting (tachograph video screenshot) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading prison beat van out by crossing the railway train at drag 10 meters相关的主题文章:

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