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Chongqing Pengshui: green environmental protection — North and South — even the ribbon scenery of Pengshui Pengshui county is located in the city of Chongqing ecological protection area in Southeast Chongqing, if you come to Pengshui for the first time, will be infatuated with the green ribbon of Wujiang in general and Yujiang River scenery. Two rivers and four banks was 45 degrees above the embankment, layers of trails for thousands of meters under the slowly flowing river, faint accompany every night, hundreds of thousands of people stroll leisurely. However, in a few years ago, the two rivers and four banks is raging flood of garbage all over the beach…… The transformation of these beaches, not only blocked the flood, change the built environment of the city, make the city beautiful image completely up. Just ask one of the local people can describe a past dirty scene, of course also lamented the present landscape. Because the former has become rotten beach stroll in the garden every day today. Chongqing is in the middle and connected to the west, North and south, and is the intersection of the Yangtze River economic belt point Silk Road Economic Belt, become the important node in the city on the silk road. Ecological region development of ecological conservation area northeast, Southeast Chongqing ecological conservation development areas, relying on the Yangtze golden waterway opening, the surface protection, on the point of development, the construction of ecological civilization in a more prominent position. The development of special industries, according to local conditions, urged the development of enriching and ecological benefit. As one of the forest resources in Chongqing County Pengshui city seven, the forest coverage rate of 45.5%, is the natural ecological barrier. Wujiang Gallery, Aida River, Mount Wai hill, saddle Miao and other four boutique tourist attractions throughout the country. Pengshui county has the magnificent mountains, blue water, passionate emotion, deep history and rich festival. The industrious and intelligent people of Pengshui, but because of a natural Miao song "Aida" Johnson thick, in-depth excavation of the integration of tourism resources, the careful development of tourist attractions, the depth of the promotion of tourism products, Pengshui has become the "best China cultural leisure tourism county", "Chinese Tourism Leisure Resort", "Chongqing’s most attractive the tourism district", "Chongqing top ten counties should travel". (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章:

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