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"Chrysanthemum 1 corner" will exist in private transactions delisting experts warned that the risk of speculation in November 2nd, Madian million YouBiKa market, the sale of a coin store, two staff members are sorting coins. Beijing News reporter Xin Na photo was called chrysanthemum 1 corner of the fourth sets of denominations of 1 coins will gradually become history. Recently, the bank has received notice of the central bank, began to reclaim the 1 corners of the chrysanthemum, and no longer pay or foreign exchange. Delisting news just out, the reporter visited the Beijing Bika market, "chrysanthemum 1 corner" is the ordinary version of transaction exists, prices in the tens of dollars, and in 2000 the "Uncirculated version" price from 400 yuan to 800 yuan a. Chrysanthemum 1 corners can still be used normally recently, media reports, the people’s Bank of China issued a notice, since November 1st, the implementation of the fourth sets of RMB 1 yuan only pay off. The reason why the recovery, mainly to solve the circulation of 1 coins multi material, multi specification circulation problems. 1 corners of the chrysanthemum more severe wear, the fifth sets of RMB has been circulating for a long time. November 1st, the reporter to the Bank of China, Beijing branch staff confirmation. The staff said that the central bank has received notice, with immediate effect only from the bank recycling, no longer pay fourth yuan of foreign exchange or exchange of 1 yuan coins. In other words, the market will gradually reduce the amount of coins. He said, chrysanthemum 1 dime out of stoppage completely out of circulation needed for a long time, it can still be used normally. Members of the public, such as a large number of coins on hand, can also go to the bank to convert the chrysanthemum coins into the same par value of other currencies. 2000 Uncirculated version sold 400 yuan to 800 yuan of chrysanthemum 1 coins delisting of the news, the media reported that several of the Internet, in the collection market, goods with good 1991-1999 issued chrysanthemum 1 dime, a set of 9 gold price reached 200 yuan, while the 2000 issue of chrysanthemum 1 dime now, the price has reached 1000 yuan. There is even a message on the Internet: Chrysanthemum 1 coins in the market, the latest collection price is RMB 2000 yuan. The afternoon of November 2nd at 2:30 pm, reporters came to the thousand Madian Bika market, there are hundreds of youbiqia selling businesses, but not many customers. The owner of a commemorative note says it is in the off-season. In the sale of a special coin stores, stores are stocked with a variety of coins, the batch save. Some people ask whether the sale of chrysanthemum 1 coins, claiming to want to collect the 2000 version of the chrysanthemum 1 corners, specifically come to ask the price. The reporter saw the store also sells one dime binding chrysanthemum 1, the price of about 35 yuan. The stores, buy the 2000 edition of separate chrysanthemum 1 coins for the price of 650 yuan. At the same time, he took out a set of "people’s Bank" China "binding volumes, which included the 2000 edition of 1 yuan, 5 angle and 1 coins. If the owner described by binding to buy books, priced at 1650 yuan. However, the market price of 1 chrysanthemums in the market are not the same. In another store selling 1 corners of the chrysanthemum, the 2000 edition of the price of about $400. The owner said, according to the different products, the price of about four hundred or five hundred yuan. Earlier, the reporter had to call a collection store相关的主题文章:

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